Internet Manners: Something Everyone Should Aquire

Teenage Girl Rant #1

The way in which people talk to one another on the internet is getting out of hand. Right now, somewhere in the world, someone is writing on a Facebook wall, in a chat room, or somewhere where his or her identity is hidden. Chances of it being a positive comment seem to be slim in today’s society. A lot of people believe that since they cannot see the person’s reaction, that there is no reaction, therefore mean, hurtful things can be posted everywhere online. There have been many lawsuits over cyber-bullying. However, cyber-bullying exists in another scenario: not knowing the person. Essentially, people around the world are bullying people they do not know. I do not know, therefore cannot explain why people are the way they are. I just know that people who feel self-conscious about themselves tend to bully others to raise their self-esteem.

I disagree with people who put things on the internet intentionally trying to hurt others. For example, the other day I was on an app that is meant only for funny pictures. It has suddenly become a place for people to post “rate me” pictures. Now, I have also noticed that those who are posting those kinds of pictures seem to be mainly under 15 years old. At that age and below, everyone wants approval of the way they live their lives. However, I think that it has become too much. On here, I saw a picture of a girl that looked to be no older than 11. Now, at 11 years old, no one should be concerned what people think of them. She reminded me of myself at 11. Not quite out of the baby fat in my face, messy bangs and a graphic t-shirt with a cartoon on it. She was not smiling but who cares. That would not have made a difference. Anyway, this 11 girl, says “rate me”. So what do they do? They rate her and its poor: 2 or 3. She is told she’s ugly and that she needs to get off the app and that this isn’t “iRate”. So maybe this could be blamed on her, if she had not posted this picture of herself, she would not have to hear people say this junk about her. I disagree with that as well though. It does not matter that maybe she has not had the right kind of guidance in her life. The problem with this entire thing is that people felt like they could say this stuff to her. I can tell you very few people would go up to an 11-year-old girl and tell her she is ugly. That is like me going up to an elementary school picking out a random fifth grader and telling them they are ugly and gross and no one will like them. I cannot imagine the psychological damage some of the kids will go through by putting their picture’s up online. This girl was not the only one on their who has received these types of comments. There were many others. Our society has come to the point where we will be mean to someone online just because they cannot see us. When someone badmouths someone else online, the person receiving the mocking sees what is said too. People need to understand that the person receiving the comment is a real person, not just a wall that it can seem like sometimes It seems that until people see how their harmful words affect others in the flesh, this cycle will just continue, and worsen along the way.

There are a couple solutions to this growing problem. One example is choosing to complement someone rather than put him or her down. Complementing is takes just as much time as bashing and has a positive outcome. Another way to get people to notice what is happening would be boycotting websites that do not include some guidelines to follow on their websites. Such guideline could encourage people to be kinder when commenting and maybe even discourage posting pictures that could self inflict unhappiness.

In today’s society, it is difficult to avoid ridicule. With so many things promoting disrespect from television to websites to even families, it seems almost impossible to be happy and learn not to need the acceptance from others. The only person that needs to accept you, is YOU. Without accepting yourself, you give the chance to others to ruin you and that, is not a happy life.


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