Summer Begins as Junior Year Ends

Three months of no school is officially mine! School ended yesterday and now I am officially a Senior! Junior year was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. I went into this year thinking how easy it would be. Not so much. With my classes I had to actually think and reason. Past years I have not been pushed to do so. At least that is how I feel.

The classes I took that were some what difficult include: AP U.S. History, Honors Algebra 2, Chemistry, and Foreign Policy. I am sure from this you are seeing I like to be challenged. My AP and Foreign Policy classes were the hardest classes I took this year. The same teacher taught both and he made them challenging and fun. I would say they were the best classes I have ever taken.

Like I said above, Junior year was eye opening. I did not necessarily like it, but I guess it is good to go through some of the stuff now, rather than later.

Here is what I learned:

Friends you have had for years can sometimes walk away and no longer be your friend and not tell you why. I learned that girl’s get jealous too often. I learned that your best friend can make you cry when she tells you not to go to Prom pictures because you have a date and no one else does. I also learned that sometimes girl’s do not know when to apologize. I learned that your boyfriend can be one of the best people you have in your life.

I am so thankful I had great family and friends to make this year better.

I am not saying this year was bad. I am so happy I learned all of these lesson’s. I would rather learn them now.

Have did your school year go? Tell me all about it!

Have a wonderful summer!


4 thoughts on “Summer Begins as Junior Year Ends

  1. I’m taking AP US History next year too! It has a reputation at my school at least for being one of the hardest AP classes… Have you got any tips for a future APUSH student? πŸ™‚

    • It definitely is difficult, but I recommend outlining the book as well as making flash cards with key terms and facts. Also, the Princeton Review Guide book is sooo helpful! Try to get at least one book that goes along with APUSH besides your textbook. Goodluck with the class though! Tell me what you think about it!:)

  2. Hey Beth! You’re a senior this year, so I’m guess we’re about the same age. I turn 18 in less than a week, so stoked! First of all, thanks for the drop-by to my blog. I’m Australian, and I’ve always wanted to study in America; your education system sounds amazing!

    You lucky girl! Our school year is so different, right now I’m heading into mid year examinations and it’s sooo stressful. You on the other hand are probably partying to your hearts content! haha



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