Why I Love Summer

Shot of a tennis racket and two tennis balls o...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Palm Trees in Florida

Obviously, I love summer for the reasons any teenager would: no school and sleeping in. However, to me, summer is more a time of renewal. I know, spring is the season of renewal, but with school and finals, my renewal starts about June. To me, summer is a time to dream and like I said, renew. I like to think about my the present and the future, but mainly the future. I love thinking about what I can accomplish in my life. I also seem to be more daring in the summer. I like to try new things more in the summer. Probably because that is the only time I have time! Two of my favorite things to do during the summer are read and write. With all my homework during the school year, my reading and writing consist of school related materials. Writing for me is a way to get my feelings all down on paper and organize them. Reading, although, gives me time to live in a different life and forget mine for a bit. I love reading! I do not even care if that makes me a “nerd” or whatever… it is worth it!

I am sorry that this post is a little mish mashed. But hey, this IS called teenRANTS! Rants do not always have to make sense!

Back to my post….

I love summer for so many additional reasons too.

English: Upper Chorlton Road in the summer rai...

English: Upper Chorlton Road in the summer rain – Whalley Range, Manchester. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love the rain and the way it smells.

I love fruity smoothies.

I love playing tennis and feeling the sun.

Smoothie og kaffe

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love summery music.

I love shorts.

I love taking naps.

I love camp.

^ Those are what I love most about summer.

Oh! I love cute sunglasses!

I think that is about it…

What do you love about summer? Any good memories? I cannot wait to hear!

May your summer be bright and warm!



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