What I Did Today: Tuesday!

GREAT DAY! I had so many adventures. As I look into this moon lit night I can honestly say this ranks with one of the better days I have had on summer vacation ever. My friend and I met for a rap writing day. Let me explain… our summer camp has a talent show which we are rapping (more like attempting) about summer camp. The goal of the day: work on lyrics to put into our song.

Our adventures, however, were very interesting. After picking me up we headed to our local Fazoli’s (best breadsticks ever!) While indulging ourselves in the garlicy goodness we sat and talked about of lyrics a little. Mainly, we discussed the amazingness of our food. After we left we were stuck at a stop light for 8, I repeat, 8 minutes. Ughhhhhh! From there we went to Starbucks where our orders were taken by a very eccentric guy. At least he was nice! Sipping my carmel frappuchino we went tot the park. Our idea was that we would get inspiration for our song by being “one with nature”. We got sidetracked and talked about random things.

Our next idea was ‘hey let’s go to Wal-Mart there is surely some inspiration there’ (camping department) that barely inspired us and we just walked around the store laughing at items that were being sold. But wait, the adventure continues! We then went to Tj Max. For some reason we thought there would be summer camp related items there? What really happened at Tj Max was getting excited about their shoes and purses. Later on, I taught her how to play tennis.

Today was filled with all my favorite things with one of my good friends.

What kind of things do you and your friend’s do that make you all the happiest? Do tell!



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