The Advice I Wish I Had

We all wish we could go back to our younger selves and give them advice. ‘Don’t do this’ or ‘listen to so and so more’ are tiny examples of what I am talking about. At ten years old, I had no one older to look up to except my parents and extended family. The only advice I had at the time came from my parents who had not experienced this stuff in many years. (However what they said always worked…so that is a plus!) I was thinking earlier what I would say to myself at ten years of age. I would have to direct it towards a younger mindset; one that would not have known as much. I think the main thing I would have wanted to know would have been that everything always gets better.

With the help of my friends and relatives we came up with an extensive list of advice for our ten-year-old selves. (The following are not thought of by me).

  1. Be careful what you say to people
  2. Buy a car with a bigger motor
  3. Progress in your music
  4. Don’t hold grudges
  5. People aren’t always the way they seem
  6. Make more friends
  7. Staying in your comfort zone is not the way to live
  8. Don’t talk to strangers
  9. Make more guy friends; less drama
  10. The knife is sharper than it looks
  11. Don’t be curious all the time
  12. NEVER touch the Christmas tree
  13. Make as many friends as you can

Here are mine:

  1. Don’t let people affect the way you live
  2. Mean girls shouldn’t ruin your day
  3. Boys can be stupid
  4. Never let a nickname hurt you no matter how much it does
  5. Physical imperfections (acne or braces) always go away, your actions towards other always stay
  6. Your parents love you and are always there
  7. Drama will always bring out the worst in you if you let it
  8. Be careful who you tell your secret to
  9. If more than one person knows your secret, everyone will know
  10. Always go for the good guy
  11. Don’t quit the things you love just because they are “Weird”
  12. Take chances
  13. Don’t be afraid of the conquerable
  14. Smile even when you don’t feel like it, it will always make you happier
  15. Live your life to the fullest
  16. Do something new everyday
  17. Always be the better person
  18. You CAN do it
  19. Happiness is what you make of it
  20. Love is a wonderful thing and can do wonderful things

I know, these sound like inspirational posters in the making, but these are pieces of information I would wanted to have known 7 years ago.

Tell me, what would you have wanted to know?

Happy Wednesday!



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