Beautiful Nights

Ah.:) That is all I can do right now. I love summer nights. I just love summer in general. It does have its rough parts, but those do not last THAT long.

Really though, I love to sit outside watching the sun set, listen to the birds chirping, and laugh at the lightning bugs that disappear before my eyes.

What I really love about summer nights is spending it with my friends and boyfriend. Life seems to get even better when I am with them. My best memory from last summer was sitting in my backyard watching fireworks with him. Talk about a super cheesey, movie type moment. Yet, it was magical. Magical? Yup, that would be the right word. I hope we get that again this summer. That would be perfect.

My grandma said that if you listen to the cars on the highway in the distance and use your imagination, they sound like ocean waves. Everyone should find their ocean waves in the distance, they make everything better.

You only get a few summers in high school so make of them the best that you can and live for the moments that make you the happiest.

Summer is here!


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