Things I Should [Probably] Do This Summer

With every summer comes a new bucket list; a new set of achievements. Summer is a time of renewal as I stated in Why I Love Summer. I always think how great it will be to go back to the new school year looking and feeling totally new. That never seems to happen, however. In realization I probably will not achieve some of these I present you with THE LIST:

  1. Do not wait around
  2. Get involved with politics (even more than I already am)
  3. Get some sleep
  4. Go outside and look at the pretty stars
  5. Try new food
  6. Do something interesting
  7. Beat someone in video games
  8. Do some crazy nail art
  9. Read a good book (or two, or three, or ten)
  10. Have fun with my friends
  11. Get even more sleep
  12. Play tennis
  13. Cook something interesting
  14. Blog:)
  15. Travel the world (okay…that won’t happen)

What’s YOUR bucket list?

Happy Friday!



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