What I Love About Music

Hopefully you all know about my “favorite song of the moment” page that began as song of the day then went to song of the week and now has ended up as whatever my favorite song is at that particular moment. ANYWAY… I am beginning my list of people/bands I would love to see in concert.

Our Song (song)

Our Song (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. John Mayer
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Parachute
  4. Vertical Horizon
  5. Carolina Liar
  6. Michelle Branch
  7. Kelly Clarkson
  8. Jack Johnson
  9. Matchbox Twenty
  10. and yes, Glee

I do not know what my taste in music would be considered. I literally listen to everything and I like at least one song from all the genres out there.

I love to listen to John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Parachute, Carolina Liar, Matchbox Twenty, and Vertical Horizon when it is raining. Their songs are all so soothing and perfect for relaxing.

Favorite songs:

John Mayer-Your Body is A Wonderland and Free Falling

Jack Johnson-Banana Pancakes

Parachute- Kiss Me Slowly

Carolina Liar-Show Me What I’m Looking For

Matchbox Twenty- 3 am

Vertical horizon- Best I Ever Had

Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch song)

Goodbye to You (Michelle Branch song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taylor Swift and Michelle Branch have practically raised me. I have been listening to Michelle Branch since I was 7. Taylor Swift helped me through most

of middle school and high school. In middle school I was always dreaming about a guy I could “Our Song” with. I have known a few people who the song “Mean” could apply to. Her song, “Long Live”  will be my song for my senior year. (I know it is all about her winning her first Grammy, however, if you apply graduation and leaving to it, it makes complete sense). “Mine” makes me think of someone special.:) As you can see, I can apply the majority of my teen life to a Taylor Swift Song.

Favorite song by Michelle Branch: The Game of Love

Kelly Clarkson has been an idol of mine since she was on American Idol. My friends and I always listened to her in elementary school. So I guess you could say, Kelly Clarkson’s music raised also.

Favorite Song: You Found Me

Glee. I started watching when it first came on and have been in love with the music ever since. I do not know what to say about it exactly except the singer’s are absolutely wonderful.

Favorite song: Paradise By the Dashboard Light

In conclusion (yes, I just made this a high school paper all of a sudden), Music has a very important part in my life. I have music that I listen to all times of the year, during  the rain or shine, and music that goes along with my feelings.

Want a Pandora Station that has a lot of this type of music? Create a John Mayer station. There is a great variety of the relaxing, rainy day type of music

English: John Mayer at the Mile High Music Fes...

John Mayer at the Mile High Music Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have a fantastic week!


p.s. Sorry for the cornucopia of links! I hope they help though!


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