Adventures With Marisa!

Best night! My friend Marisa and I hung out tonight. We had so much fun just driving around and shopping.

We went to so many stores. We didn’t buy anything though.:( We went into Tj Max and found this uhm…interesting dog toy.


But I also found this lovely hat!:)

Marisa found this…whatever it is….


When we pulled up to Tj max this girl was in her car screaming at us then started singing Justin Biebers “Boyfriend”. Haha. We walked around Wal Mart looking random things and saw this kid who will be the next big basketball star. You know those super tall, 20ish feet tall, bins they put those plastic balls into? Well this four or five year old threw the ball up into the air to put it into the bin that way…and he MADE IT!

Later we went to Panara and hung out.


So much fun! We were two of five people in the entire building. Strange since it was a Saturday night…

It was so much fun driving with the windows down and music blasting. That is the true definition of a summer night.:)

Hope everyone’s weekend is going fantastic!


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