Two More Months?!

I got to say, I am more excited for this school year than ever. I cannot believe I still have two months of summer vacation, I just want the fun of my senior year to start! I mean everything but the classes and ACT and SAT haha! I can handle it though! One of the things I am most excited for is tennis. Unfortunatly, thisbeing my last year, I only have one more impression to make on the coach to get on top varsity. Let me explain, our team is seperated into four teams. Two jv teams and two varsity teams. I was onthe second varsity team at spot number 10 last year. My goal for this year is to be number six. That is my ultimate goal for this year. That and to get first place in my bracket at conferencethis year (as oppossed to third last year).

Every Tuesday we have “open courts”. Our coach is up there and she will help us to get better. I have been up there every Tuesday to show her my dedication…I hope it works!

There are so many things I am looking forward to in the coming months.

What all are you looking forward to?


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