What Time is it?! Summer Camp Time!

I just had the best week at scout camp! It was such an adventure! I did so many things and got to spend time with my friends. For those of you who have never been to a summer camp, let me just say, it is such a great experience. I do not have pictures right now, but as soon as I get them, I’ll upload them.:)

Here was my week:
We arrived at camp and my friends and I had a mini competition decorating our cabins/tents (they have a canvas top, but a wooden frame and floor). Our decoration theme was Hawaiian. I brought two blow up monkeys that we hung by the arms on either side of our tent. They made our space so cute! We took the swim test to make sure we could swim. Woo! Passed! I was not too worried about that!

I went rock climbing on a cliff. I had never done that before, so that was definitely an experience! I was half way up and 1) I could not figure out where to put my foot and 2) I got a little scared… I repelled down got the webbing off and then I was okay. Haha.

Later on that day, Emily and I went down to the lake. I tried stand up paddle boarding. It was so much fun! It was definitely a work out on my torso though! You have to keep a center of balance on water AND paddle! We also went kayaking which is one of my favorite things to do while at camp. We spent a few hours out on the lake soaking up the sun.

That night we had kitchen duty (serve and clean up). I served about a hundred people pork steaks. It was not too bad! To be honest, it was kind of fun! It was nice to see a new perspective of camp.

I went horse back riding in the morning. Horse back riding is one of the most exciting things in the world. I got the same horse I had last year. Her name is Sunny. She is a beautiful brown horse with a few white spots. Her boyfriend’s name is Sammie. They always have to stay next to each other whether that be on the trails or in the stalls. I groomed her and was saddling her when Sammie got too up in close and personal. Sunny broke out of her stall and stood up on her back legs. You know those wild west movies when the horse stands on their back legs and you see the fear in the eyes? That is what I saw. By this point I have a ridiculous adrenaline rush. The wrangler came over and calmed her down. From there it was smooth sailing!

In the afternoon I was suppossed to go repelling. However, I had a headache and was exhausted. Definitely dehydration. I drank a few bottles of water, took a two hour nap and was good to go. I wish I had been able to go. I repelled last year and it is so much fun! They have three cliffs all different skill levels. Maybe I would have tried medium this year! Oh well! There is always next year.;)

That night we met up with some of our other friends who are counselors at a neighboring campsite. We met them at this ginormous rock formation. We had to almost scale the rocks to get to the top one where they had a fire waiting for us. When I looked up I saw hundreds of stars. Just like last year, it took my breath away. An hour later it’s time to go and getting down from the rocks is a different story. I had to literally slide down the rocks because of the steep incline.

I did a low ropes course that had many team building skills such as communication and leadership. I would describe the activities, but they are pretty difficult to explain, especially in writing. Sorry guys:(

In the afternoon we all relaxed down at the lake.

Wednesday was pretty relaxed haha.

High ropes course time! This was my second time completing this course. After the first time, I swore I would never do it, but this year my attitude was bring it on! So after getting all the webbing and climbing to a platform at least 30 feet in the air, I attached these special carabiners and started the course! The first part is called the monkey bridge. It is V shaped. There is a inch thick wire that you walk on while holding on to the two wires on each side of you. When you get to the end of that you do the commands: Off. Clip. Check. You say those to your ground squirrel and they repeat them back to you. The next place you clip the carabiner is on the second portion where you walk across a log. It’s basically a giant balance beam. The third is called tarzan. Once again, you have the inch wire that you walk across and you have ropes hanging downthat tou have to grab ahold of. Let me say, I truly felt like tarzan. I even did the Tarzan yell when I was up there! Time for the last stretch! You walk across the wire and push out holding on to another wire. This section is probably the most nerve wracking! Omce that’s completed, you reach the last platform and you get suited up to angel repel. For those who do not know, angel repeling is where you repel face first. So I have to jump of this platform and essentially fly! Last year it took me five minutes to work up the courage to jump! This year I said ‘ON BELAY!”, was told the belay was on, “READY TO REPEL”, repel when ready, and I jumped. It was pretty fun! Getting to the ground was a relief though! The high ropes course is one of the best things to do at camp!

The afternoon was filled with a service project and laziness at the lake. For our project we pulled weeds on the beach. In the sweltering heat, that was the last thing I wanted to do. The lake was so much fun to jump into after the work.

That night was our night on the town per say.we went to a buffet and saw Brave. The movie was really good…until the power went out. We all got re-admit passes and left. The movie was so funny. I would definitely recommend it! If you know how the ending was, I would love to know! Haha. We went back to camp and prepared for our last day.:(

I remembered in the morning that I had wanted to go rifle shooting all week. I love it! I went down to the range and was sad when they said that it was too hot out and they were not going to bring out the guns. Instead I did archery. That was pretty fun! I love archery just as much so it was not a huge let down. The morning was as great as I knew the rest of the day would be.

Friday afternoon at camp is essentially one big party. First you go to the lake water park which has water slides and a zipline into the lake. My buddy, Chris, and I had such a fun time. We spent a few hours there. The best part about Friday though was after the closing campfire where they have a talent show and skits. Jessica sang and did fantastic! After the closing campfire they have a dance which is crazier than Homecoming or Prom. Maybe it’s because no one knows each other and they don’t have preconceived ideas about people so no one cares if they look silly. That is definitely how I feel! It was so awesome! There was glow stick goop flying and getting onto everyone and you could just feel the happiness and excitement around.

Friday is by far always my favorite part of camp.:)

Time to pack up and clean up our campsite.:(
I can’t wait for next year! I got an application to work there. That way, I’ll have eight weeks for fun rather than just one.;)

Camp went by so fast, but it was worth it! Is anyone going to camp this summer? I would love to hear about it! Also, if you know the ending to Brave, I would love to know that too!

Always have fun,


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