My Essentials

I have so many essentials in my life. These are the things that make me the happiest. Here you go (in no particular order):

1) flowers…especially bright ones!
2) Dave Barnes music…so relaxing.
3) scarves…floral and bright!
3) dresses…so beautiful.
4) rain…pitter patter on my heart.
5) summer…warm breezes and fun times.
6) Seventeen Magazine… I have read every issue for the last 5 years.
7) tennis… I have played for 4 years.
8) good friends…ones that treat me like a friend.
9) nice family…they are the best!
10) dreams…almost better than reality sometimes!
11) good grades…who doesn’t like that?!
12) my relationship…He is wonderful:).
13) colorful things…my room is aqua and lime green.
14) funny pictures…make me laugh!
15) inspirational quotes…I like to be inspired.
16) monkeys…favorite (and adorable!) animal.
17) traveling…I have been to two other countries and all the states except for 7.
18) a good book…my favorite is Anna and the French Kiss. At least from this summer.
19) dressing up…prom and homecoming!!!!
20) shoes…I love sandals and boots.
21) good food… better be spicy!
22) mexican food…read above;).
23) jewelry… earrings are the best!
24) thunderstorms…BOOM!
25) piglet…have had him since I was a year old!
26) post cards…I have 950+ (I haven’t counted in awhile).
27) eiffel tower…my dream destination.
28) being a senior…I am still shocked.
29) polka dots…my bed spread.
30) orchestra…going on 8 years. My violin and I are inseperable.

What is essential in your life?


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