Adventuretime Tuesday

Times with Emily are never boring. It’s always an adventure. It does not matter where we go, something funny will happen. Today, we had an adventure. With only an hour, we had to get to as many crazy places as we could! So where would two teenage girls go in the middle of summer? Well let me tell you!

1) A sub shop. Now let me say, this is no ordinary place! You get your soda out of a machiene. BUT you can get any flavor of any soda you want! Today I had vanilla flavored Sprite! It was delicious!

2) Petsmart time! We walked around looking at the fish, birds, and kittens.

3) Goodwill was next! Emily said, “you never know the types of things you will find in Goodwill”. Boy was she right! I found a two piece bridesmaid dress. It was interesting looking.

4) After driving for a few minutes, we happened upon a mexican grocery store. That was quite the experience. I had never been in a store dedicated towards just one type of food. Not to mention I am not sure what people around me were saying. My spanish skills failed me today!

5) Music store #1. Walked in. We looked at the guitars and music and walked out.

6) Cupcake store! We bought a cookie and split it. It was so yummy! It was the type of sugar cookies you buy at the grocery store that fall apart in your mouth and have copious amounts of icing on them. BUT IT WAS BETTER!

7) Last stop! Music store #2. We asked if they had color bows ( what you use to play a violin or cello as we do). It was sad that they did not. Oh well next time for sure!

We went to all the places in an hour and ten minutes. It was great to go into all these places that I had never been into or it had been a while since I had gone.

What’d you all do today?



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