Break Time: Random and Overachieving:D

The Overachievers

On a completely unrelated topic, the olympics start tonight! I am very excited! I love the olympics! the patriotism that seems to come with it, not just from th United States, but as well as all countries is amazing and something as a world, we should be proud of. Just when it seems as if no country can get along, we send our best athletes to compete. if only countries would use the olympics as a way of settling their differences. ‘Oh I am sorry, [fill in country] we won, you lost guess English: Shawn Johnson competing at the 2008 S...we win, for now. The olympics may just be that much more interesting if that was the case, but alas, it is not.

Like I said, I love the olympics! My favorite sports to watch are tennis and gymnastics. If I could run and flip like a gymnast, trust me I would have tried my hardest for the olympics. A project I had to complete for an award required I do a research project on an olympic athlete. I chose Shawn Johnson. I did not realize how many competitions she had won in order to get to the 2008 Beijing olympics. I guess it makes sense. You cannot get to the olympics without a lot of accolades in your specific sport. My respect for all these Olympians skyrocketed even higher than it was before now. After all the work they have put into their sport, they deserve to be where they are. Even if they do not win any medals, the fact that they still made it to the olympics is something to be proud of. So good luck to the 2012 Olympians and future Olympians, you deserve it all!:)


Again, on a really random topic, I got my license yesterday! Woohooo! I passed with flying colors.:)

Random topic #3: I am getting two awards for scouting! working on my third!

Alrighty everyone…it seems as if I have run out of random thoughts and rants.

I hope you all have a spectacular olympic and overachieving weekend.:)

Beth:D ( the girl who can now driveeee;D )




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