Olympic Opening Ceremony

It is now 11:16, but I did something I have never done before: watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics. I got to say, if that is not inspirational for an athlete I am not sure what is! My favorite part was the depiction of the different era’s of England. I liked the “digital age” the best. Maybe because I can relate to it? While the love story between Frankie and June was cheesey, I felt it was quite accurate! Definitely the modern Cinderella story which also tied into the children’s fantasy stories theme. I loved the way that they transitioned from one era to another. Especially from the farming to the Industrial Era. Come on, who cannot have respect for people hauling all that sod away? I must say, no matter how Great Britain does in the Olympics, they surely showed how great (and humorous) their country was. Remember Queen Elizabeth with James Bond? If you did not see it, it was quite the sight to see!

I also loved seeing Prince William amd Kate Middleton. They are my favorite couple of all time and their marriage is a true princess love story. I will admit I woke up at 3:30 in the morning to watch their wedding and I watched the Lifetime drama about their romance a few times. It was wonderful (for Lifetime of course!). Kate Middleton is also my biggest role model. When I grow up I want to be an wonderful person like she is.

As the Olympics continue I cannot wait to see the legendary athletes that emerge from their sports. The next few weeks are going to be history making weeks.
Get ready. The 2012 Olympics have begun.
( read that in a deep, serious voice. It makes it funnier and you can see the drama in it! 😉 )

Anyway I hope you tell me what you thought of it!
Goodnight and have a great weekend!


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