It’s Officially Official

It’s official. I am now a Senior. I have waited what seems like AGES! I remember when I was a Freshman and I would think ”When I am a Senior I’ll…”. Now I am one! I registered for school today and got my Senior key chain, my Senior shirt, and my senior bumper sticker. It makes me smile that I can finally be a part of this. It only took 12 years of schooling to get to the fun year! My reward for holding on through rough years and bad teachers. I do believe that this may be the best reward, at least as a high school student.:)

I also received my schedule which I will copy below:)

1 Semester:

1)Business Web Design/ Multimedia

2)Western civilization*



5)AP Language and Composition*




2 Semester

1) Advanced Media Technology

2)Western Civilization*



5)AP Language and Composition*




As you can see everything except for first hour is this same! That is fine with me! Also, each class that has a “*” next to it is an honors/AP class. Yes, Orchestra is an honors class.:) The only difference is I HAVE to try out for other orchestras around my area and do a paper. It is a pretty easily obtained honors grade. Unless, of course, it changed this year which is always possible! I am so happy with my teachers as well. I have had or they have been a coach all of my teachers except for two. I pretty much lucked out there! I am now officially on the countdown for school. As of tomorrow, I have exactly 2 weeks of summer ( D: ) left. So that within itself is disappointing, but on the other hand, I will depart on my journey for college! In the next 6-7 months I will know where I am going to spend the next four years of my life. (I feel like that sounded dramatic…good!:))


Well, I hope everyone else is soon to be satisfied with their classes and teachers!

Have a great week!



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