First of all, let me explain the title, Tennis & TV+ school = happiness. (At least right now;))


This is purely an update on everything that has been going on in my life lately. Basically, it comes down to tennis stuff. I think I am doing pretty well! I should know exactly where I stand in rankings by Saturday. There are 46 girls who are on the team this year. Our team seems to get larger every year! The top six girls are on top varsity while 6-12 are on “bottom varsity” per say. If I am figuring correctly, I think I will be either 6 or 7. This is a MAJOR improvement since I was a Freshman when I was one of the lowest ranked girls on the team. I guess all I can say about that is, hard work and perseverance can get you anywhere. I will definitely post about rankings when I find out!


Boy Meets World.

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What else can I say? This is my absolute all-time favorite show. I got season one last week and I already finished it. Regardless of the fact that it came out two years before I was born and ended four years after I was born, it is one of the best shows that has ever been on in my life. I have a deep love for it that only BMW fans will understand. (not car fans, the show, duh!:)) I am the ultimate fan. In fact, I think they should have a cast reunion. Unless they already have… If that is the case, can someone tell me?! Really though, I love how Cory always learns a valuable lesson in his life each episode. I also love him and Topanga. I think their relationship is adorable and something to strive towards. No matter the hardships in their lives, they find the time to help each other and be there unconditionally. The ’90’s had some good shows, music, and cool kids were born then (just saying). I should probably stop on my love-rant for Boy Meets World. If I do not stop now, I will keep going, and trust me, I could!


So maybe I should take this out of my happiness equation. I am not sure yet. I will let you all know in a week. For now, however, I will keep it. So far, this year has gotten off to a great start and the official school year is not even here yet! I really have nothing to say about this except that I am excited for my classes. When we get back into the swing of things, I will update about my feelings.



I have found in the past few months that forgiveness (and honesty obviously) is always the best policy. No matter how disappointed, angry, or sad you are about something, forgiving can make the hurt feel better. A good, long, heart-to-heart talk cannot hurt as well. I decided that forgiving someone always has a better outcome.

Are you all excited for school?

Have a great week!




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