The London Olympics Come to a Close

I am watching the closing ceremony for the Olympics as I write this. So far, as with the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony is just as stunning . I love the way London has done the Olympics in general. I really do not have much to base these Olympics on seeing as I Do not remember past Olympics or I did not see the reason to care. Yet, as I have watched these wonderful games, I have so much more respect for the athletes who are here. Even more so than I did at the beginning of the games.


Now Madness is singing “Our House”. I have heard this song before, but I did not realize they sang it! The saxophonist flying is interesting…made me laugh!

I really love how all these people have volunteered to perform for the ceremonies. They have done such a fantastic job!

I really have to say, London has quite the eclectic culture. ONE DIRECTION IS ON! (I know many of my friend’s, if they’re watching this…you know who you are… are very excited right now!)

The only part of the ceremony I really have not liked is when the two London actors (I forgot their names) were dressed up like Batman and Robin came out of a car that had “blown up”. I felt like that was not respectful towards people who have died in the multiple car bombing seen in London in the past few years. Maybe I just read more into it or did not understand what it really was. Still, I was not fond of that.

Sorry for the random, choppy way of this post, I am trying to write about everything as it happens!:)

STOMP is on. I have always liked STOMP. I have been watching them since I was in elementary school and our music teacher had us watch their videos.

Commercial break….

We’re back!

The athletes are walking out now. It looks like all of them are having the time of their lives. As the announcer just said, “the world is one for the night”. Isn’t it sad that the Olympics have to show the world that we can all get along  in a healthy competition. Why not, instead of war, we have athletic competitions instead? I am joking obviously, with all the leaders out there with their varying beliefs, it would be impossible! It is a funny idea, however.

Commercial break…sigh… I really am happy to be an American, just as those from other countries should feel proud to be who they are. I feel pride in my country and joy in our athletes.

Annnnd we’re back.

I love how the athletes are walking out together to show “unity”. What a wonderful way to end. It is unbelievable that all of these athletes participated in these Olympics. 10,800 Olympians to be exact did their best to bring home medals for their countries. Personally, I believe that if you even MADE it to the Olympics you have something to be proud of. So congratulations to all the athletes, you did your best and did what you could. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.
Even if you are not an Olympian, read the previous sentence again. Remember it because it is true.

Well this post will be finished because my satellite has decided to turn off and it is telling me to “stand by”. Oh well! 😛 I think I get the idea of the closing ceremony anyway!:)

Have a great week everyone and if you are like me, good luck at your first (or second or even THIRD) week of school or if you are the lucky ones who are still on break..I wish I was you more than you could ever imagine!:)



2 thoughts on “The London Olympics Come to a Close

    • Ohhh okay! Well that would make a lotttt more sense. I was so confused, but I figured there was a better reason for it than what I thought of! Thanks so much for clarifying that!:)

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