The Last Night

Well, tonight is my last night as my summer comes to end. Tomorrow is my last day of summer vacation and I will spending the majority of the day at school as it is! In the morning I’ll be helping freshman “transition” into high school, the afternoon I go back up to school for tennis practice. tomorrow I will be up at school for seven hours. I am not sure how I feel about this considering it IS my last day of summer!:P

To be completely honest I am nervous for this school year. I feel like a lot has changed in my life in the past few months. People have changed in my life and things have changed. How I predicted this year was going to go is already completely the opposite of how I thought it would. Do not get me wrong, I know I will have a fun year, I just do not know how It will go.

Tennis is going well! I found out my rank as of now I am 10 on the team one being the top and 47 being the bottom. So this means I am on Varsity unless some weird thing changes with the ranks which I do not foresee. Can you believe 47 girls are on the team?! This is our largest team since I have been in high school. Within our large team we have five teams. Varsity Gold, Varsity Silver, JV Black, and JV Purple. There is another team, but I forgot the name! πŸ˜›

This post does not really have a point except to say what I am thinking about right now. So what am I doing on my last night of summer break? I am watching Up in the Air with George Clooney and blogging . Up in the Air is really good! I recommend it!

Goodness, I am so tired. This is probably the best time to end this post. I need to go to sleep! πŸ˜€

Are you all ready for school?



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