Ah, The Time Has Arrived

To all of you who managed to get more than six hours of sleep last night, lucky you! I woke up at 4:18 and cannot fall back asleep. I was going to be waking up at 5:00, but it seems silly to go back to sleep. I would just be as tired as I am now, if not more had I done that!
I cannot believe school starts in 2 hours and 43 minutes. MY SENIOR YEAR???? (I feel like I keep exaggerating this so much!) I sort of have a headache too to go along with the first day back…ughhh….it is not the first first day that this has happened either.

Yesterday was fun. Freshman transition day, practice, then a parent student athlete coach meeting. I was at school for 8 hours. No, not at a single stretch, I got two-hour breaks between everything!:p

During freshman transition day we made a tunnel for the freshmen to go through as they entered and left the gym. Not any old tunnel, but the kind where there is a person on either side holding their hands up. Now, being 5’2”, for some of the kids I basically held my hands straight up seeing as they were so tall. Many of the kids were nervous to go through, not that I can blame them, I would have been too. There was a girl who saw us and put her sunglasses before she would go through. Another girl stared VERY intently at her phone texting as she passed. Other kids were excited to go through, high fiving us as they did. Later, when my friends and I were in a class room going over something with the kids I said some phrase like, “you all are lucky duckies”. Alright, so we all say weird things we wish we could take back….but some random kid made fun of me and laughed! It did not annoy me until later when I started to think about it. I was thinking, ‘reallllly, here you are, starting high school and you are going to talk to Seniors like that??? That guy is gonna say something to another upperclassman and get shut down really quickly. I did not say anything to him, and I would not have had I thought about it right after he said it, but I did think, when I am off in college in a year, have fun in 10th grade, jerk.

At the end of their day, five other people and I threw out t-shirts to the crowd at the pep assembly. It was fun! We waited for the dance team to finish their routine, and ran out “woo-ing”. It was some intense school spirit, but as much as I dislike high school sometimes, I seem to love it during pep assembly’s and during fun things in general!

Goodbye my wonderful summer break, until next year, I bid thee good day (year)…?
Well the time has come to get ready for my first day back!

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Ah, The Time Has Arrived

  1. Good luck!!! Your pep assembly actually sounded like a blast! 🙂
    Senior?! Okay, I know that this is just somewhat different, but I know how you feel about that! I was personally super excited on my eighth grade year at my old school, because we were like the oldest and stuff and it was so much fun!! 🙂
    I hope this school year is a good one for you!! 🙂

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