Back to School Update!

Today was my second day back! I got to say, my first day was pretty great! I had a lot of my friends in my classes so that made it even better. The classes themselves were great as well! So far I have learned a lot in only two days!

1) Web design we started on the basic HTML webpage creation. I can now say that I successfully created an HTML page!

2) Western Civ.- such an awesome class. Already learned about the neanderthals and the Paleolithic Era. It is so interesting! Then after the first ice age, the Neolithic revolution took place and gender roles changed. Before, both men and women were equal. After the revolution, men worked in the fields and women stayed in the house or near their house. I believe this is where our idea’s about men and women began.

3) Physics- reviewing how to make graphs and how to relate them to our data and understand the solutions.

4) Accounting- I missed this class today for an assembly.

5) AP English- we talked in a Socratic circle and watched two videos on the right and wrong way to have a Socratic circle discussion.

6) Pre-Calc.- I finished my first homework assignment. Thank goodness it was just review!

7) Orchestra- Pre-test time! Just tested our basic knowledge of music theory.

I feel like I am going to get a lot out of these classes! There are some years where I have felt that the classes were boring and not worth my time, but this year I feel differently!

Hope your first day back is just as good as mine was!


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