Another Week Finished!

^My favorite song. The music video is so funny too! I want to know what is with her band members dressed like animals though…

^Second favorite… The two above videos seem to contradict each other

^ Third Favorite. The ending makes me laugh every time!

I like to play these three very loud. Ha! I always have new favorite songs!

^By far the best movie and song of all time. When this movie came out eons ago, I was Lizzie and my friend was Isabella and played along and sang like we were really them. So funny!

I will say, If I could do that in real life, I totally would!


I found out how to use color on word press:))))))

I am taking a break from writing a paper/essay/short answer response for AP English.

So hmm… nothing much happened this week. I do not have any crazy pictures to add… 😦 My tennis partner and I won all of our matches this week though! 8-6,8-1,8-4,8-4. It was wonderful!

Okay, I am finished…. I will proceed with black font:)

In regards to my classes,

Business Web Design: Fun, yet repetitive. HTML. HTML. HTML. Just for this quarter though, so yay! On the plus side, we learn new things to add to our web pages… like color text, bold, italics, etc. We are learning how to create lists now and next week I think we begin pictures! I cannot wait for that, it will be a lot better!

Western Civilization: Just got to the Egyptians from about 3000 B.C. Interesting group of people. The Old Kingdom believed their Pharaoh was a “God on Earth”. I find that kind of interesting. That and the fact that Egypt was essentially blocked from intrusion for thousands of years because of the geography. The desert towards the East and West, cataracts in the south and the Mediterranean Sea at the northern part. Without the invention of ships to cross a sea so great and having the heat of the desert discourage invaders, it is no wonder the Egyptians lived without wars for years. (This is all we have learned so far…Maybe they did have wars… maybe that lesson comes Tuesday… 😉 )

Physics: Had our first test today and I think I may have done well! We have just been graphing for the past two and half weeks since school began. I hope we start some fun labs and such soon.

Accounting: So easy. Pshhh.

AP English: Best. Class. EVER! We are learning about ethos/ pathos/ and logos. Basically the ways to manipulate people into taking your side. Essentially what speeches are made to do. For those who do not know, ethos is a persuasive strategy to get the reader/listener to believe what you have to say, by showing them you are sincere, reliable and fair-minded.  logos is the use of logic and ability to appeal to the intellect. you use factual data and statistics to prove you know what you are talking about. Lastly, we have pathos which is the use of emotion.  You use vivid language to produce feelings. It is so interesting to see these in the everyday world as well! In class we watched QVC to see how the sellers convince people they need that specific item. “QVC exclusive” “We’re down to 100 of these. You must get it now, they will be gone before you know it”. I started analyzing everything I watched after that. Speeches by  political figures especially. I was convinced that they were the best option. Logos, ethos, and pathos are everywhere if you know where to look.

Pre-Calc.: Still a review of Algebra I, II, and Geometry. Nothing too exciting.

Orchestra: Ahhhh so wonderful. My friend and I are doing the Senior Slide show (have I mentioned that yet? Well we are!) and we just sent out the letter to start bringing in pictures. This project will take the entire year, so it is best to start working right NOW. It will be a blast too!

In unrelated news. I applied to my first college. WHAT! Crazy how a few weeks ago I was not even planning on applying anytime soon. It is good though, I will not have to have it on a constant stress reel in my mind right before they are due. Instead, when everyone else is stressed, I will be relaxed!

A guy I know asked his girlfriend to homecoming in such a cute way today in front of the entire lunch room. He stood up on a table and shouted for everyone to be quiet. Then he jumped down and walked towards his girlfriend and was yelling this entire speech about how they have been dating for about a year now and he loves her very much and he wants to know if she will go to homecoming with him. Of course, she says yes and the lunch room of 700+ people erupts with applause. It was so cute, I will admit I clapped. I am a sucker for cute romance type things. 🙂

It seems as if I always promise myself that I will write shorter posts, but I just keep going! You all do not mind though? 🙂 I hope you all at least enjoy reading them!

Have a nice weekend!




4 thoughts on “Another Week Finished!

  1. First off, love the songs you chose! “Call Me Maybe” is my favorite out of those, but “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and “Want U Back” are both catchy.

    Physics… ugh, I did not especially enjoy my Honors Physics class. I’m glad that you’re doing well though! As for AP English, isn’t the class grand? I remember at the beginning of last year when we went over ethos/pathos/logos… good times, good times.

    And congrats on your first college app! I will do my best to follow in your footsteps and get some of them done.

    Great post! (:

  2. …WHO ARE YOU?!
    Those songs. MY FAVORITES RIGHT NOW. Like, EXACTLY! Even “What Dreams Are Made Of”!! Not in that exact order, but still! This is so freaky!! Haha 😀

    Congrats on applying to a college! Big step in your life! I’m super nervous about doing the same in a few years..

    Also, I’m a sucker for cute romantic stuff like that too! I totally wish I’d meet a guy who’d ask me that way. ❤

    Love this post, and I'm glad you're liking a ton of your classes so far! 🙂

    • Haha that is frraky…freaky AWESOME! HAHA!

      Yeah, college. Wow. Oh boy. So nervous. I will definitely be writing a post about the outcome of this application.

      Thanks for reading!:)))))

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