Exciting Times!

Everything has been going so amazing lately. I am so lucky right now. Here’s why:

(I have a cold right now and I am kind of out of it. If nothing really makes much sense, I am sorry!)


Well, school is going quite well!

Business Web Design: I think this so cool! We learned how to create an HTML code for putting in a hyperlink and websites. It is so interesting. Not sure why, but it is…:)

Western Civ.: Just finished the Mesopotamian’s and Egyptians. Now we’re talking about the Israelite’s and the beginnings of Christianity and the New Testament. I really do enjoy all the history!

Physics: So many labs, it is WONDERFUL!

Accounting: I was kind of iffy about this last week, but now that we are onto a new unit, I am feeling more confident about it!

AP Language and Composition: We are learning about all the different rhetorical strategies, including: anaphora, apostrophe, antithesis, juxtaposition, and a multitude of others. I found it interesting (like everything) that there are hundreds of rhetorical strategies. I guess that makes sense though. I just never thought about it!

Pre-Calc.: I actually enjoy this math class. Compared to my Geometry and Algebra II classes. My teacher is so sweet. We had a test yesterday and she said she once heard gum makes you do better on a test. So she went out a bought ll these different types of gum packs and let us have a piece. She does this for every test. She may just be my new favorite teacher!

Orchestra: We are getting ready for our Halloween concert with all of this “spooky” music. I am also preparing for district auditions. I was in that orchestra last year, so hopefully luck will be on my side and I will get in again!


AHHH!!! I love tennis so much. In case you have not figured that out yet…My tennis partner and I’s streak ended sadly, but we are at 7-2 overall. We had a tournament today where my school took third place. My tennis partner and I won our first game 8-2, lost the next one 7-9, then won our last game at 8-0. Quite the successful day if you ask me! all the teams we played were good in their own ways. The first team we played though did not seem like they wanted to be there in general and one of the girls looked annoyed the entire time. Our second game was against a private school. It was such a close match throughout. We never had a significant lead, always a one game lead then they would catch up, pass us up, and then we would do the same to them. The last two games were really rough, however. They had really good shots and were bringing their all. While we were bringing our all as well, they just happened to be a little bit better than us and that is all they needed. My tennis partner was sure the one of the girls was cursing us because she would look at us, close her eyes, say something to herself, and look at us individually. Kind of creepy if you ask me, I am sure she did not mean any harm anyway. Honestly, if that is what she has to do to win instead of just practicing, then whatever works I guess. It was not the match to make or break my life. The last team was really nice, but we felt bad for winning that much. I guess that  is just competition and the way to play. One of the girl’s was injured though, so I really do not think it was a fair game. They were both so nice though.

My Future:

Welllllll:0 Good news everyone! I got into the college that I applied to! I accepted the admission as well so it is all set! When  I had applied , they gave me a username and password for their online information website. It showed my application status and every time I checked, they had to receive my transcripts. BUT, I logged on Tuesday and it said “application status is admitted” I looked at my friend who was sitting next to me and I was like, “Does that mean I go IN?!?!” She looks at me and says, “I think so!” To tell you the truth, I have never been happier about anything in my entire life! I started to get a few tears in my eyes, then remembered I was in a classroom with a bunch of people, and decided that I could cry of happiness later. Haha! I accepted the admission on Wednesday, and received my actual “congratulations” letter in the mail on Thursday. I cannot believe my entire future (well, 4-6 years anyway) is set. It is kind of crazy to think that I am going to be in college, sitting in a dorm room (probably studying…That’s the correct answer, right?;) ) a year from now. It blows my mind to think I am also going to be 8 in a few months. Life goes by too fast sometimes.


I will say, it is nice to know that I do not have to stress about applications and applying anymore. I just cannot think of a more perfect week, you know? Tennis is going GREAT! My future is set, I know where I want to go and what I want to do. The college I am going to have a tennis club and extra-curricular orchestra so I still get to do everything I love. I have a feeling the next few years are going to be great!

I have such a great outlook on life right now. I wish you all the best of luck in anything you may be trying to get through right now.


Have a great weekend everyone,

Beth:)))))))))) <(I am so happy, can you tell?)


3 thoughts on “Exciting Times!

      • of course!! it is a huge achievement!! im sure you must be celebrating it hehe im sure you’re really happy, congratualtions again 🙂 and welcome :p

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