Time are a Changin’

The hardest thing to leave are the ones that you don’t think affect you…

The tennis season is officially over… (excluding one conference day next week). This is my first of many lasts I will have this year. I cried when I finished my game today. It was pretty sad. I just cannot believe that it is basically over. 4 years of practice and games every fall afternoon just ended. What do I have to show for it? Bigger calf muscles? A better knowledge and skill of the game? A medal? 2 team trophy’s? I think what I gained from this experience was the appreciation for a sport many dislike. I made a multitude of friends throughout the past 4 years. I have bonded with a group of girl’s who share the same love for tennis. I just wish it was not over. It kind of came out of now where too… It was like, “Yay tennis!!!!!” Now it’s “oh my goodness…the season is over… school basically just started!” (yeah, like 5 weeks ago.) But really, I never thought tennis would be this hard to leave. It made me who I am. (maybe that is a tad dramatic, but you catch my drift…) Anyway, My tennis partner and I had a great season! We won the majority of our matches and grew as teammates and friends. All in all, I would say that this was a fantastic season. I cannot imagine a better sport to play.

In other words, my new (slight addiction) *cough* hobby…

I just got a Pinterest  last weekend. It has turned into my new favorite hobby. If you asked my friend’s what I talked about all week it would be Pinterest. I would start off a lot of my conversations with, “I just found this really cool thing…” To which they would reply, “On Pinterest?” Yes, it was Pinterest. My heart was given to cute fashions,English: Red Pinterest logo

yummy meals, and funny quotes this week. I “pinned” everything I loved. I came to the conclusions I was “pinning!”-referencing Charlie Sheen’s “winning!” Maybe I went a little (a lot) over board this week, but let me tell you, when I have my own home, can buy everything I like, and can cook anything in the world, I will have all my ideas set and ready! In conclusion, Pinterest is the greatest thing life can have!

In lovely, other news…

Homecoming is next weekend! I cannot wait! I have a lovely dress picked out and I cannot wait to post a picture of what I look like next weekend. It will be so much fun! I hope the DJ this year is good though… Every year it is a hit and miss with the DJ. Some years, it is perfect, but last year, it was a ll this rap music that no one knew. It was still fun to dance to, but nothing beats screaming the lyrics and dancing like a crazy person. Let me TELL YA!

School is going well! We passed the middle of first quarter which means I have about 4 weeks until I am a fourth of the way through the year. HELLO SUMMER! (too soon?) maybe…

Well, I am out of things to write about right now…

How was your week?



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