Homecoming Weekend…Part 2

This was the best homecoming I have ever had! I had such a great time at the dance and it was a great way to leave my Homecoming memories.

10:00 am: The Parade

Yesterday, I went to the parade at 10 am to see Emily wave to “the peasants”; Emily was voted Homecoming Queen. It was so exciting to have a good friend receive that honor. It was my first (and last) Homecoming Parade. It was fun to see all the little kids chasing the flying candy that was chucked out of cars and floats. At one point a bunch of candy was thrown towards me and Emily’s cousin was right next to me collecting all the pieces of Tootsie Rolls. I gave him all the pieces next to me. Emily’s brother was filming the parade and filmed me giving the little guy the candy. I will forever be in the video “doing my good deed for the day” as it was recorded in the video. It was a fun experience. The band did great, the Homecoming Court looked awesome, and the clubs and sports showed their spirit!

2:30 pm: Time To Get Ready

One of my really good friends, Brittni came over so we could get ready for the dance together. It was so much fun and entertaining to get ready with someone else and have someone to talk to when I was getting ready. Doing our hair was quite the experience as well! We were both nervous about our hair messing up and spent about an hour doing, fixing, and hair spraying pieces. Honestly, we probably used and eighth of my hairspray between the two of us! Yet, it was so worth it! our hair turned out amazing! When we finally finished getting ready, we took some pictures. This was a great experience for my last homecoming at my school.

5:00 pm: Show Time

My date (aka my boyfriend(Tj) for a year and half) came over to my house with his family so we could take some pictures and so I could pin the boutonniere and he could put on my corsage. Let me say, pinning a boutonniere is…interesting. This would be the third one I’ve pinned and I think I did a very nice job!

After we took some pictures at my house, we went to meet up with a group at a park. The pictures came out so nice and the background was beautiful. (When I get the pictures, I will put them up!) We spent about 45 minutes at the park getting pictures in this, that, and the other angle. I love taking pictures though, so it wasn’t bad and not to mention the weather was perfect!

7:00 pm-…: Dance

The dance itself was really fun! I got to dance with my friends and Tj and it was such a blast. There’s not much to say about the dance itself except we danced… 🙂 Everyone looked so nice and pretty. I wish we all wore those outfits to school everyday. Just keeping it classy!

After the dance, Tj and I went out to eat.We were so hungry too! neither of us had eating in 8 or 9 hours. After dinner we went back to my house and just hung out and talked about the funny things that had happened at the dance. It was such a nice way to end the night.

I really love Homecoming and dances. The entire school comes together to have a great night and we never fail to have a great time.

Any Homecoming stories? I would love to hear!:)

Have a great week!



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