Cooking, Fitness, and So Much More!

I have been really busy the past month which is obviously evident if you see how many posts have been uploaded in the past month…a grand total of one! Hopefully I will be writting more in the next few weeks as I am of school for days upon days upon days…but I’m not complaining! 🙂

Below is a video my friend, Claire and I made a few days ago. We filmed and edited it all in the course of a few hours. If you have 15 minutes to spare and would like to see a comical cooking show where we make peanut butter chip “stuffed” chocolate devils food cupcakes…yum! (There’s not a way to STUFF cupcakes with chip pieces, but you know what I mean!) They were so yummy! I recommend taking a look at this extraordinary video, it is awesome!:)

In other news, I was in a district (not school district…2 different counties with 10+ schools) orchestra. We had tryouts October 13ish, had two practices, then had our concert three weeks later. Since you audition to get in, the music is more difficult and it’s expected that you learn the music on your own time. The only problem I have with it is the length of it! There’s only one concert…ever….a YEAR! I wish we all stayed longer, learned some more music and had a few more concerts. They are 100 times better than the school ones amd even those are really good!

I have been on a fitness kick the last couple of weeks or so and it’s been working well! We have an exercise bike that tells you how far you have gone, counts your calories, and keeps your time. Well, I have made it a goal to go 10-15 miles each day. It takes me an hour and a half or so to complete this. This probably sounds worse than it is, but it isn’t! I’ve made it a game and given myself goals. My goal was to have ridden 100 miles by the end of this week. So far I’m at 85 miles in the last week and a half. So hopefully I will get my record tomorrow! I plan to keep it going too! It’s sort of a fun game to challenge myself!

Nothing else has been really going on…
So I guess before I start rambling, I’ll stop.


4 thoughts on “Cooking, Fitness, and So Much More!

  1. When I lived in North Carolina, I was so in tune with the Middle/High school life. Concerts, plays, games, rallies — It was all part of it. Then I moved to a tiny city in the south-west of Russia, and my school life changed DRASTICALLY. Certainly no more football games or concerts. I’m okay with that, because every place has its positives and negatives, but I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into my old life through your blog. I must add that you have a very good vocabulary and your writing flows well!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad I can give that insight too! I cannot imagine making such a drastic change in living conditions. Especially from North Carolina to Russia! That must make for some interesting stories though! Thank you so much for reading and your comments.:) It makes me incredibly to happy to know that someone is benefiting from what I write.:)

  2. I’ll definitely come back and watch that video when I need a break from homework, your description already makes what you’re making sound delicious. And it’s good that you’re on a fitness kick, exercise is always important – it’s wonderful when you can make it entertaining as well. (:

    • They were quite good…and gone within two days… We just winged the recipe too! The recipe isn’t really stated in the video, but it’s pretty easy. Just cake mix then peanut butter chips mixed in. I would love to hear what you think about the video as well! I’m glad you enjoy reading!

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