Where Have Manner’s Gone?

I do not know about any of you all, but I have noticed a drastic downfall in manners. Let me start it off with my generation, not many parents have raised their kids with manners or if they have, the kids don’t show them. I know very few people who say please and thank you. It makes people seem so much ruder when they do not say please or thank you. As a high school student, I notice a lot of bad manners taking place at school. I see kids running down the hallway bumping into others and not saying sorry. Now, maybe the running part is just a maturity issue, but please do not tell me you did not realize you hit the person. Either your lying or completely unobservant.

My next problem is talking back to teachers, bus drivers, and administrators.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! They affect your future more than ANYONE basically. You want to talk back to a teacher? Be my guest. I will GLADLY take that extra credit you were supposed to get. I have a perfect example of someone talking back to a bus driver. Yesterday on my way home a boy who was younger than me decided he wanted to get all rude and ignorant with someone who would not shut the window  because “it’s really cold on here”. (side note, it was not cold, it was actually quite warm:P) Anyway passing all the he said she said hoopla, the bus driver pulled over and proceeded to go see what all the commotion was. The bus driver walks to the back of the bus and asks him what the problem is. The kid tells him the story and the bus driver is like seriously? Now here is where the kids manner’s were not found. The bus driver told him to stop making such a big deal out of something so small and the guy started talking back to him and all this stuff happened and the kids like, “What are you going to do? Kick me off the bus?” To which the bus driver responded, “No, but I may write you up” (When someone is written up they usually have to go to the principal and they most likely get detention.) (I agree with the driver for wanting to write him up, the kid is distracting him when he is driving, cursing, and being a rude, ignorant person in general) Anyway, the kid asks the bus driver, “what are you gonna write me up for?” To which the bus driver says THE BEST THING EVER. “I’m going to write you up for being an idiot.” So. PERFECT! My favorite part of this story is where a random girl comes out of nowhere and says, “I dare you to write him up.” Now seriously? Was that necessary to put in there? Between those two kids, I’m not quite sure who I think is the rudest.

My entire point is this: manner’s are no longer something people are taught in society. When I go out in public all I see are little kids- pre-teens whining about EVERYTHING. I understand whining here and there, but about every little thing? Maybe I am just maturing… I and not sure, either way it is something that I see as a big societal problem that parents are too worried, too pre-occupied, or simply do not care enough to fix. I feel that one day, when I have kids I will be that “mean” parent who actually want to treat her kids responsibility and manners. If that’s how I am perceived then so be it, but I will not be related to anyone who treats anyone with the amount of disrespect that I see in the hallways of my school.

Am I the only one who is noticing the decline of manner’s in today’s society?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!



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