Let me start of first by wishing everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving, a happy one!:)

My break started off by an unusual day at school. In physics class I flew down the hallway on a hovercraft powered by a leaf blower. Later at lunch, Seniors had the interesting and unique opportunity to bowl with a turkey to win prizes. Unfortunatly for me, I am horrible at bowling! (my last game score was a wopping 13) It was inevitable that I would not hit a pin. Alas, I did! The pin wobbled a bit and returned to it standing position. The other turn I had missed the pins by a few feet. So this is how my break started off…:)

Now, Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not only do I love the food that is served, but I love being with my family. In fact, my favorite part of this special holiday is being with my family. We all have a blast eating, talking, and spending time with eachother.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. As most holidays do, it focuses on the good in life. In school I used to write down what I was thankful for each year. Sadly, as I have gotten older teachers do not see the benefit of spending precious class time writing what we are thankful for down. WELLLL, I think it is still important to write it down. So here is what I am thankful for:
1) my family. Without them I would not be as awesome as I am now.;)
2) my friends. They make me think about things in ways I never would have before.
3) my life. I am fortunate to have a loving family, warm house, and food that some families or people struggle for.
4) my cat. She makes me feel better when I am upset.
5) and of course, you all! Knowing people want to read what I have to say makes me so happy. Thank you all so much!:)

I am thankful for so many other things too, but these make the top of my list.

Black Friday:
I understand wanting to get the best deals, but does anyone else find it ironic that people beat each other over material things the day after they are suppossed to be thankful for what they have?
A few years ago my mom and I went to Target at five in the morning for the experience and my my, was it one! There was a line wrapped around the building with eager customers waiting their turn. The inside of the store was packed with a line weaving in and out of aisles.

Now, I recommend going shopping on Black Friday for the experience. But, I hope I never have to do it again; I am not one for crowds.

Before I end this post I just want to say what irritates me the most about Black Friday. I do not like that stores open earlier and earlier each year. It is not safe for one and two, Thanksgiving is about spending time with your families. THAT IS THE POINT OF THE HOLIDAY. It frustrates me to watch people beating and hurting each other over that last toy. It is the Christmas season. There will be PLENTY of sales the next few weeks, so put down your fists and let the other person have whatever you want, chances are, you can get it cheaper later!

I hope everyone has a wonderous Thanksgiving! Enjoy your food and familes!


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