Nashville and Mean Girls

Hello everyone! I have not written much due to the overwhelming amount of homework and tests I had in December. Hopefully with the new year right around the corner, I’ll have time to write again!

So I hope everyone’s Christmas’s or whatever holiday you celebrate was wonderful! Mine definitely was!

So I have been getting very excited for college lately and so have my peers. Senioritis has been going around like the plague in my classes. I know people who have hardly been in class and who skip at least two classes a week. I don’t think that sounds like a good idea personally. Not only are you losing out on potential test material, you’re also accumulating a lower attendance rate which can hinder some college possibilities. It just sounds like a road to disaster. However, I will admit, I’m ready to graduate…right now. Hand me a cap and gown and I would do it today.

I’m pretty sick of all the drama that high school entails. Especially girl drama. It seems like many of the girl’s that I have befriended in the past are all the same: backstabbing, gossips, and jealous. Not always towards me, but towards others. They all act the same way at first too. They act like you are their best friend and you feel like it. It feels like it will be a lifelong friendship until they are done using you to get what they want. I do not understand this concept. Why would you want to waste your time using someone and pretending to be their friend until you find better friends. I also don’t see why or how it’s so difficult to be happy for other people. Many of the girls I have been friend’s with are super jealous of everyone else. I think that is pretty sad because all the girls I have called my “best friend” have sooo much going for them. They just do not see it. It’s pretty easy to be happy for someone though. If you are supposed to have something, then you will get it, but if not, then deal with it. If in the end you HAVE to have it, work your butt off and get it yourself! Teenage girls just don’t seem to get it. Sometimes jealousy looks like the only option.

Now I know college and life in general will present the same problems. High school has prepared me to tackle those obstacles. Or at least I think it has…

Regardless, I just want to move away from all the people who have tried to cause me strife the past six years or so. I’m very happy with the college I’m going to because none of the rude people I know are going there. Just a few of my friend’s. So this college is pretty much perfect for me. There are other reasons why it’s perfect for me, but I’ll go into that another time!


On a completely unrelated note, I’ve found my new favorite TV show! Nashville is a show on ABC that airs on Wednesday nights. As its name displays, it’s based in Nashville, TN. It is such a great show in that it has country music (which I love), great actors, and an unpredictable plot (hard to find in the age of remakes). I just find this show to be so entertaining. There are so many stories to follow. You have Teddy’s political career, Rayna’s singing career, Juliette’s singing career, and Avery and Scarlett’s aspirations to sing. If you are looking for a new show I’d recommend this one. I believe ABC has all the episodes online to watch for free, but it’s only for a limited time.

Well that sounded like the reviews section in a newspaper!

I know this post was not much of anything. I hope I encouraged some of you to watch at least one of the episodes of Nashville. I also hoped I discouraged some of you to be mean to people. The way that girl’s treat one another is horrible. If one thing is for sure, I will always remember the girl’s who were mean to me and not in a positive way.

Thanks for reading!


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