131 Days and Counting

So I have officially made it to my second semester of my Senior Year or as I like to refer to it as, the last semester in high school!

In all honesty, it has not hit me that I graduate in 4 months and 22 days… but who is counting??? It will probably be one of those situations where I know about it, but it will not sink in until a week or so later. Although, let me just forewarn, I WILL be doing a reminiscence post on my last day (or the day after) This will include the good, bad, and ugly (among other cliches) about high school. I am rather excited to write about remembering the last four years. I may even extend it to middle school!

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing.

So what does my schedule look like this semester?

1st hour: Desktop Publishing- I have nothing to say about this class…we have not started anything yet.

2nd hour: Western Civilization- Just continuing our discussion on Rome!

3rd hour: Psychology- Wow. I never thought this class would be so interesting. We have just begun the class, but I can already tell it will be wonderful.

4th hour: Accounting- continuing our accounting adventures!

5th hour: AP English Language and Composition- We are preparing for our exam in May!

6th hour: Pre-Calc.- Not my favorite class….not much to say…

7th hour: Orchestra- Best class! 🙂

I do not have much else to say…I am relaxing, watching Letters to Juliet, and preparing for the week leading up to my birthday! (I will be 18 next Sunday!) It is crazy. I remember my 10th birthday like it was last week. It is so strange that 2013 is bringing all this changes for me, yet for some people, it is just another year.

Happy New Year to you all!



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