Why I Am Excited Right Now

Ever since Christmas life has just been dream-like. I have so much to be thankful and exultant for. In no particular order here is why I am happy, loving life, and excited for:

To begin, I started my lovely three day weekend at Starbucks this afternoon drinking my favorite, Carmel Frappuccino. We worked on Pre-Calc sipping our exquisite, yummy and highly caffeinated beverages. Personally, I am just preparing for college next year! Not to mention I just became a Starbucks rewards member! 🙂 Exciting!

I am going to Italy this summer! Merry Christmas to meeeeee!:) Talk about a fantastic surprise! I could not believe it when my grandparents told me I was going there! They read my blog post, Oh, The Places I Shall Go, and saw that one of my dreams was to see the Trevi Fountain and Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now my dream is becoming a reality! I cannot wait to be a tourist in such a wonderful country with an interesting history. I will definitely be posting pictures and posts about my trip during it! Come back this summer to see more!


I just turned 18 last Sunday…need I say more about why I am so excited? Well since you asked…! I am going to register to vote sometime in the next week. I know some people hate voting. I really do not understand that… I feel like it is such a privilege to take part in our government. Now I know It is not a huge part, but a part nonetheless! Now that I am 18 I can also buy lottery tickets! I promised my self that the day I turned 18 I would drive to the gas station and purchase my first lottery ticket. Guess what did not happen? 😦 This weekend hopefully! I will officially feel like an adult! I have arrived, my friends. ARRIVED!

I had a wonderful party last Saturday as well. What a perfect way to ring in a new year! I was surrounded by a supportive, lovely group of friends. It was a larger party. 23 people or so. We all had a great time. My friends also got some very attractive pictures of me laughing so hard I was crying. (Thanks guys!)

My parents got me a book I really wanted for Christmas. The Naked Roommate. Most Cleverly named book ever. It mainly talks about how college is different from high school and the, rather interesting, situations one may  encounter. I suppose running into a naked roommate would be in there…Anyway, once I read it all the way through, I will blog about it of course!


I got a cake pop maker for my birthday! Babycakes makes it and it’s purple and it’s sooooo cute! I am planning on test driving it this weekend. Although I am debating on what flavor I will try first… any suggestions? Thanks!


I just finished watching The Carrie Diaries pilot. I am not usually one for CW entertainment. Most of their shows(in my opinion) have way too much drama in them. I prefer comedic shows normally.  However this new show surprised me. For those who do not know, The Carrie Diaries focus on Carrie, from Sex and the City, as a junior in high school. It is how she starts her career and life in New York City. Anna Sophia Robb plays Carrie and I think she did phenomenal job! I have never watched Sex and the City  so maybe hard-core fans would disagree with me. Regardless, if you want to see the pilot, go to the CW’s website and as of now, the day that this post was published, it is available to watch on their website. I cannot promise that it will be there next week or tomorrow for that matter.


The show Nashville just makes me happy. I. LOVE. NASHVILLE. Enough said.

I am finished taking the horrific ACT FOREVER. Not only does the ACT not measure one’s intelligence accurately, it can leave a confident person feeling broken, imbecilic, and ready to drown their sorrows in chocolate ice cream. Or is that just me? 🙂 Really though, the ACT is not the hardest test you will ever take. Anyone who has taken an AP test can testify to that! It is quite exciting that in the next six months all 15 of my ACT, SAT, AP US History, AP European History, AP World History, “Choosing the right college for you”, and “What’s better for you, the ACT or SAT” books will create 2 feet of room in my bookshelf that has been occupied for two years now. To those who may be wondering (because let’s be honest, I know you are:)) why on earth would I have AP European History and AP World History help books when I never took the classes, let me just say this: Borders went out of business. The books were EXTREMELY cheap. My school does not even offer AP European History! They just started AP World this year! I do not even know why they were purchased. Maybe I will just read them for fun to become enlightened on the Treaty of Ryswick in 1697! Which by the way is a treaty between France, England, and Holland which ended the War of the League of Augsburg. What happened in result of this riveting treaty? The three countries agreed to restore territories they had captured during the war. Fortresses in the Netherlands (ruled by the Spaniards) were given to the Dutch military to be used as a buffer zone between France and Holland. Now, wasn’t that captivating???:) Honestly, I may read them partially, but I do not plan to throw myself into them.



I am just so excited that graduation is so SOOO close! As of yesterday It was exactly 17 weeks away. Just saying! I am ready to walk across that stage and become a high school graduate and make the transition to college and adult life. It is so close, yet feels so far away.

I hope my post has not bored you to tears yet (or any other cliches). I hope everyone is still awake, and ready to click on the wonderful links that I have included in this post for your post, post reading entertainment!

Thanks for reading and I hope you are happy too:)


P.s. My current favorite song…or two;)

Funny always makes the bad things go away.

― Candace Bushnell, The Carrie Diaries


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