What I Hear in the Halls: Part 1

As many would know, the hallways at school are the prime place to hear some…interesting tidbits. For the next week I’m going to blog what I hear in the hallway. May you be entertained and laugh. Please….laugh…the hallways are ridiculous.

1) two guys first group: “the alcohol was so nasty and cheap tasting. I don’t like cheap alcohol. I only like the expensive kind.”
“Dude. I’m right there with you!”

2) two guys second group: “Man, I don’t even know what happened. I was so drunk all I know is everyone sat down and we had this deep conversation. The next day she had all these random texts from me about the conversation which was weird because she was right next to me at this party”

Oh my goodness….WHATTTTT?! Do you not realize there are teacher’s every ten steps?! Are you honestly that stupid to talk about that in front of them?!!! I truly do not understand.

3) “Yeah when my parents were gone I had the house to myself and I decided to have this huge party. Unfortunatly, the cops got called and I was grounded for months.”
“How old were you? Was that, like, freshman year?”
“No, it was in middle school”

Again, WHAT???? Surely these people are just playing to their audience and have not actually done some of this stuff….

Or am I just kidding myself??

Come back for more tales tomorrow!
Until then,

P.s. share some of your tidbits!


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