Week in Review

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well!

I know I said I was going to do a daily post of “things I hear in the hallway”. Unfortunately, right when I wanted to write about it, I stopped hearing interesting tidbits. So, alas, that idea turned out poorly! The last week has been unlike a normal one. With the events of last weekend mixed with my slow classes, I had an interesting week…and by interesting I mean one filled with a multitude of emotions.

This week I had to prepare for my Solo and Ensemble competition with my violin piece. I originally was not too thrilled to do this competition as it was just part of my grade. However, I practiced all week a lot and got a higher score than I thought I was going to receive. A score of 1 means you go to the state competition. I received a 2. Not bad! I had prepared myself to get a 3, so a 2 was quite unexpected!  Many of my friends played so well that they received a score of 1! Which means I am friends with some VERY talented musicians! However, I was happy that I did not get a 1. I am not only not majoring in music, but the state competition is on the same day as Prom. No thank you. I do wish my classmates the greatest of luck when they so go to state!

I think the best part of the experience was my music teacher telling me that this was the best he had ever heard me play. Well that right there is a confidence booster. Especially when it comes from someone who has a few masters pertaining to music, teaching, and composition!

Before I could make the much anticipated appearance at Solo and Ensemble, I went to school. On a Saturday morning… at 8 a.m. Bright and Early. Now, many of you are probably asking, “why on Earth would you put yourself through that on a Saturday?!” My friends, let me explain. You are currently reading the blog of an overachiever. I had a practice AP English Language and Composition exam this morning until 12. Okay so I am definitely not a complete overachiever. If I was that I would have also received a National Merit Scholarship as 3 of my friends did and I would have gotten a 1 on my solo. So  no, not a complete overachiever. However, I do want to feel prepared for the test come May. I need a three on the exam. I do not think that will be too difficult, but I do not want to take a chance on messing up because I did not prepare enough.

On a side note, I some new, amazing music.

Here are my favorites this week:


4 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Congratulations on your stellar performance and for taking the time to prep for your AP Lang exam – I took that exam last year and it was super fun! Also, great song choices, “Daylight” is one of my favorites too. Hope you have a fantastic week next week as well. (:

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