What a Great Week!

As I type this I am listening to Backstreet Boys- Larger Than Life. What a song to listen to! I do not care what people say! I am living in the past when it comes to my music preferences!

This is a strange video, but I guess that is a product of the late ’90’s/ ’00’s

So where do I begin with my week? Tuesday was my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend! I feel strange saying anniversary, I feel like that is usually reserved for married people. But alas, I’ll go with it! It was exciting!:)

Wednesday, I had Large Group Ensemble with my orchestra. We performed 3 songs and we got a 1 rating! My school’s other orchestra also received a 1 also! It is the first time in my school’s history that both orchestra’s received a 1. My teacher is happy beyond words…obviously. Later on Wednesday I found out that not only had I fulfilled the point requirement for Seniors in National Honor Society, I surpassed it…by 20 points. when the year is finished I will be at 50 points over. By fulfilling the requirement I “collar” at graduation meaning I get to wear something along with my gown that says I did so. Once I went home, I received a letter in the mail from my college saying that I had gotten more scholarships! So to sum it all up, I had such a lovely week!

Here’s my favorite song for the week:

Have a great week everyone!



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