My Northeast Travels: Part 1

I am beginning a new blog series titled, “My ____ Travels” I have visited every region of the country so I am going to be sharing my favorite places to go and fun things to do in these areas.

I hope you enjoy this first installment of “My ____ Travels”!

The first region I am going to talk about is the Northeast. Specifically Washington D.C., Boston, Rhode Island, North and South Carolina, Virgina, and (I know this is not in the Northeast, but it is close enough, Niagara Falls)

In no particular order:

Washington D.C.

The capital city is so lively and fun to be at. I have been here a few times. So far the places I have visited there include:

The White HouseI did not get to go inside the White House, unfortunately. This is the view from the gate outside the property. Pennsylvania Avenue is behind me in the picture. Th picture alone makes it look like the White House is not seeing any activity around it, but what this picture does not show is the busy streets of a large city. Complete with the honking of cars and buses and hundreds of tourists sneaking a look through the same fence I am looking through. The fence by the way makes it look like you are quite near the White House, when in fact the distance is greater than many would think. I do not know the exact distance, but there is a great deal of space between the fence and the house. DC DSC_2536

Monuments- Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington

Jefferson:DSC_1234 The Jefferson Memorial is obviously for Thomas Jefferson, the third president of The United States of America. As you can see by the picture above, I visited there at night. Visiting at night was great because there were maybe twenty people in the building at the time.

Lincoln:DC DSC_2436The Lincoln Memorial stands at 98 feet looking over the reflecting pool of the Washington Memorial below. Again, this picture does not do the area justice. There were hundreds of people around us getting their picture with President Lincoln.

Washington:DC DSC_2426The Washington Memorial stands at an impressive 555 feet and the reflecting pool is 2,029 feet or about 1/3 of a mile.

Other places to go in D.C.

Library of Congress

National Mall (not a shopping mall, the Smithsonian Museums which are really cool just to throw out there!)  The National Museum of American History was my favorite!

Arlington National Cemetery

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a great city. Not just for tourists, but also for those who have excelled with learning. Boston is within 4 miles of Cambridge which holds one of America’s most known university, Harvard. MIT, one of America’s most well known engineering  school also resides in Cambridge.

I loved Boston and I went there a few summer’s ago. I visited so many wonderful places around the area that when I went to take United States History in school, I knew a lot of what my teacher was talking about!

Two places that I believe many people would know about include The Old North Church and Paul Revere’s house

Boston DSC_4159 Boston DSC_4147The Old North Church and Paul Revere play huge parts in American History and changed the course of the Revolutionary War.

Boston has many other historical landmarks near it as well. Lexington and Concord are not too far and also hold huge roles in the Revolutionary War. Boston Harbor also has great tours that give you a spectacular view of Boston and all the history that resides there!

Rhode Island

Okay so some of you may be wondering why I would even go to the smallest state in the United States… It only takes half an hour to drive from one end of the stet to the other. Regardless, it has beautiful mansions called the Newport Mansions (as they are in Newport, Rhode Island) You can tour the insides of these beautiful homes owned by the Vanderbilt’s, the Berwind’s, and many other insanely rich people! My favorite house was The Breakers house. The three pictured houses below include The Breakers, The Marble House, and The Elms. The Breakers is the picture immediately below. It looks out over the Atlantic Ocean. The picture below the house is looking through the arches that are noticeable on the second floor of the mansion. These house were all built in the last twenty years of the 19th century. The architecture inside these grandiose houses are incredible. I would suggest visiting these iconic landmarks as soon as possible!Newport RI mansions dscn2009 edits  Newport RI mansions dscn1961 editsNewport RI mansions dscn1992 edits Newport RI mansions DSCN1857 Newport RI mansions DSCN1855

North and South Carolina

I know these are not exactly the Northeast exactly, but I am grouping these two states with this region for the purpose of the post.

North Carolina is the home of the first flight of Orville and Wilbur Wright. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is known for the first flight.Kitty Hawk NC DSC_2345 Kitty Hawk NC DSC_2341

The area was so windy and cold. We obviously were not there during the summer, and the walk to the very top of the hill with these massive gusts of wind was a challenge for sure!

South Carolina is my favorite of the Carolina’s I love the Outer Banks, the light houses, and Charleston.Ft Sumpter- Charleston Harbor DSC_5743

This is Fort Sumter… Also the place where the Civil War is said to have begun. To get out there you have to take a ferry ride (which is fun too!) The history of Fort Sumter is so interesting within itself and would require an entire post to itself.

South Carolina is one of my favorite states in the country. I have been there quite a few times and always enjoy going back. I love the weather, atmosphere, the beautiful house lining the battery, and the people are wonderful!


I also reallllllly love Virginia. Maybe almost more than South Carolina. Williamsburg, Virginia is one of my favorite places to go. It even houses my all time favorite dream school, William and Mary. It was a bit out of the question though and it did not have what I was really looking for necessarily. However, the surrounding area and the college atmosphere itself was absolutely perfect. The school also has the greatest alumni if you ask me. Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Tyler, Henry Clay, and WAYYY many more governmental officials. In my opinion Williamsburg and the surrounding area (Jamestown and Yorktown) are three of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. My dream is to one day live in the Willimasburg area. I am so determined to make it happen.

Williamsburg glass violin Dsc_0300 Williamsburg DSC_0672 Williamsburg DSC_0124 copy Williamsburg aDsc_0254 Jamestown VA Island DSC_0086

The first picture is one of two glass violin’s in the world. It is completely functional and creates a wonderful sound. As a violin player, I was in love with it and even met the violinist himself! What a great opportunity as a middle school student to experience! The next three pictures are of historic Williamsburg. Williamsburg during the fall was so gorgeous and I cannot even imagine any place more beautiful. The last picture is in Jamestown. The first  permanent and successful settlement of the English colonies. This area was settled 13 years before the Pilgrims! If you decided to tour the Jamestown Area you will encounter many replica’s of what the settlement looked like in the 1600’s…400years ago!

Ontario, Canada/ New York

An interesting fact that I did not know before visiting Niagara Falls 7 years ago was that the falls lie in both The United States and in Canada. There are three falls. Bridal falls which lies on the America side, Horseshoe Falls, and American Falls. The Horseshoe Falls lies in Canada and the American Falls lies, well, in America. They are separated by an island known as Goat Island. Bridal Falls is separated from the other falls by Luna Island. Let me just say, sometimes I get emotional when I see something so amazing that I shed a few tears. When I saw Niagara Falls this is what happened. E took these Niagra Falls DSCN9163

Another instance where this happened is when I crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge going from New Jersey into Westchester County, New York. When we crossed the bridge I looked to my left and saw New York City on the horizon covered by haze. But seeing that skyline made me cry a little. It was so amazing and it is something that you always hear about. As an iconic city in the United States, it is obvious why one may have that emotion. Another reason I had that emotion was because we were going into Westchester County and if you have read the Clique Series by Lisi Harrison, the is where the book series take place. Again, as a middle school student it was quite an experience going to the place where my favorite book series was based. Anyone who has a favorite book that is based somewhere knows what I am talking about! I have visited many other places that are settings in my favorite books. Port Angeles in Washington State…Twilight Series, Savannah, Georgia; Beaufort, North Carolina…Nicholas Sparks books… Alright sorry for changing the subject!

Anyway, I will be doing Part 2 of the Northeast soon enough! I will also be writing about the South, Midwest, West, and Northwest areas as well. Stay tuned, your part of the country may be next!:)

Have a wonderful amazing day and as my biology teacher always told us, go out and do something nice for someone today!:)




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