Graduation Festivities

Well the time has come and gone. I (finally) graduated from high school last Saturday. It was an experience unlike any other. It was surreal. Here I was with all of these people I had grown up around for so many years, and this was it. we all walked in to the Pomp and Circumstance as one united Class of Seniors. I may be making it sound dramatic, but this is how it all played out in my head.

I walked in with my head held high and made a grand entrance (if I say so myself!). Let me just say, that was quite the empowering feeling. Finally after four years of rigorous classes and so many memories, I was being let out into the “real world”. I walked to my seat (in a line of course because a throw back to elementary school was necessary!). I then began to scan the crowd for my ‘cheering section’, as I like to call it. It took a while as there were nearly 6,000 other cheering sections in this arena. (and yes, we had to get an arena, my high school is THAT big). Once I found them i gave them that silly smirk of embarrassment as they all stood up and waved (which I did appreciate, by the way πŸ™‚ ).

I have sat through 3 high school graduations and, maybe since this was finally mine, the ceremony flew by! I was very nervous until I reached the base of the stage where I had to walk up and the nerves just left. I felt completely confident in myself. I OWNED that stage like a fashion model! Alright, that is a bittt much, but I did feel pride in myself for completing the daunting task of high school.

Leaving the arena felt a bit strange, I will admit. I left behind all of the memories I had ever made with my peers and looked own towards my future.

Can you all tell that I like to make everything dramatic sounding? I promise I only do this in my writing…at least I think so… πŸ˜›

After graduation everyone headed back over to our school for one last party. It was an all night party that started at 11 and went until 6. It was such a blast and a great way to end the busy night! They had raffles going on, caricatures, air brush tattoos, bounce houses, casino games, and a hypnotist, and so much food! It was like a carnival! I finally returned home around 6am. I took a short, three-hour nap before I had my family graduation party. That was a lot of fun as well! My parents surprised me with this huge banner that had my name on it! It was so neat and unexpected! My family graduation party was a success! Yesterday, I then had my friend graduation party where I had twenty or so of my friend’s come over and hang out. It was such a blast and we all just talked, ate, played games (catchphrase and ninja to be exact). It was just as great as my family party.

Well, now, the graduation festivities are over, unfortunately. Graduation is an event that I never thought would arrive. It was always like a rainbow. In my sights, but I could never reach it. Yet now, I have reached the coveted pot of gold known as a high school diploma and it feels wonderful.

I wish all of you a wonderful night/day (whenever you read this)




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