Moving In

So my parents dropped me off at college on Saturday. What a weird experience! I thought it was going to affect me way more than it did. I guess since I am used to leaving them for weeks at a time it was not really a big deal. Maybe it will hit me later? I am not sure. All I know is that my first two days at college have been FANTASTIC!

Yesterday was the move in process. It only took two trips to get all my stuff upstairs which was so nice! My mom and I spent the next few hours putting my dorm room together. Once my parents left, I began to try and make it look pretty. I had seen an idea on Pinterest that I had wanted to try… WELLLLL that did not go over as well as I had hoped! I had this great idea to hang pictures from my wall with close pins and string and all was well until they fell on me. šŸ˜›

So far the entire experience has been fantastic! Yesterday we had a huge Freshman class party and met with our groups that we will be with the remainder of the week. The groups are designed to help us along with getting to know our campus and learning about other college things. Currently I am in a math review class that is just refreshing my brain and preparing me to be ready when classes officially begin!

College is great in the aspect that you can walk down the hall and say ‘hi’ to random people and it is not even weird because everyone is doing the same thing. I have only been here for two full days and I have made so many new friends. I can already tell that socially, I have grown. In high school it is so easy to just ignore everyone you see constantly because most are not interested in making new friends. While I have been here, I have made probably twenty or so new friends. During dinner tonight I was in my dining hall constantly talking to all my new friends. Honestly, it is such an amazing experience.

More to come!



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