Galaxy S3 Update for the Camera

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch-35

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch-35 (Photo credit: Paul Jacobson)


I just figured out how to do this and it seems like no one of the internet knows how to fix this so I decided to write a very short post on it so everyone can be on the same page!

By now, most of you have gotten the Galaxy S3 4.3 update that was released a few weeks ago.

I know a major annoyance with the 4.2.2 hardware was the camera shutter sound. Well, that has now been fixed!

If you want to turn the shutter sound off, your phone must be on vibrate or silent. If the notification and ringtone volume is on, the shutter sound will be on as well.

Hopefully this helped anyone who may have been confused.

(I wrote this post because my phone went from not having a sound  to having one again and no one on the Android forums seemed to know how to fix it. Even though all it took was turning the notification sound off.)

The moral of the story? Things are always easier than they seem. You do not need to download a third-party camera application nor do you need to go into your phone’s files and delete the sound file.

Have a fabulous day!



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