My Italian Adventure- Part 4

DSCN0761Wednesday, June 12, 2013: 8:46 pm

Today was so much fun! We woke up early and caught a bus to Vatican City so we could go visit the inside of St. Peters Church. We reached the wall outside of the city and saw a huge crowd. We stood in line for a few minutes until we realized that the reason why we in such a large crowd that early in the morning was because Pope Francis was giving a speech today. A morning service of sorts since today was Wednesday. We decided against staying to see the speech as it was going to be another hour and a half before we were able to see him.

In a turn of an events we took a bus to the Roman Forum. It was more expansive than I thought it would be. We took a self-guided tour around the forum and it was so cool! I saw the original columns of the entrance to the Forum. I loved the history of it all. I thought it was very interesting that the area was originally a marsh and they had the technology back in that time to drain the marsh into the Tiber River. The area was so neat to hike through! It was so strange walking on the stones that people thousands of years ago walked on. It made me feel as if I was taking place in the making of history.

Once we made our way through the Forum we came out and there was the Colosseum in all of its gorgeous beauty! The Colosseum, just like the Forum, was larger than I expected! We walked around the outside of it and debated going inside, but the lines were so outrageous and we were all tired. However, the exterior was quite stunning! It was a grey color which was not surprising, but the fact that the structure has held up for so long is very impressive! I find it to be captivating the architectural skills of that era have stood the test of time and remained intact. In addition, I of course had to get my picture taken in front of the Colosseum a half a dozen times. There is no better way to prove something. Am I right? šŸ˜‰

After the Colosseum we got on a bus to head back towards our apartment for lunch then a nap. Unfortunately, we got on the right bus going the wrong way so we went all the way to the end of the line only to have to turn back and retrace our steps towards our apartment. All in all we were on the bus for about an hour and half. None of us minded much, though, because we got to see the other part of Rome that we were not going to touch this trip. I also got a tiny bit of a nap until I realized, half awake, that I had a silly look on my face and thought that maybe waiting on my nap was a better idea.

Earlier my aunt and I went on a hunt for purses. I have been looking for a leather purse that will match the wallet I bought while in Florence. No such luck yet. Although, we did come across more street vendors with reasonably priced scarves. I really love scarves. Everyone has that one or two things they love to buy and are a sucker for. Mine are scarves and purses. I am proud to say that I bought eight scarves! Now I know you may be thinking, “Why on Earth would you buy that many?!”. My answer is simple. They were a good investment and because I can. So what? šŸ˜‰Ā 

Anyway! While we were out we also got gelato. I mean, of course! I got two flavors, Stracchiato (That is may not be how you spell it, but that is the closest guess I have!) It was a chocolate and vanilla mixture which within itself was delicious! The other flavor was eggnog. I so love eggnog and this was very yummy! It did taste different from American eggnog, but not in a bad way! I guess it is a good thing we walked 6 miles today! It definitely worked off that gelato for sure! I believe I have walked almost 30 miles on this trip. Every day has been 3-6 miles so on average I would say it would be about thirty. A high guess would be 45 miles.

So with that fact, It is very obvious that I am worn out, so I will write soon everybody!



and one last one…

Yesterday was a very relaxed day. We only went to St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City. The Basilica was absolutely gorgeous! Out of all of the churches I visited on this trip, it was the most incredible. The ceiling was so spectacular and it felt like it was never-ending. They had many of the previous popes buried within the church, but unlike all of the other churches we visited there was a little door where u could go inside. The Basilica also had so many large statues that were breath-taking. It was my favorite church that we visited this trip.

Today I was able to go inside the Colosseum and wow. It was just wow. I thought it looked incredible and huge from the outside, but the inside was even more so! It was so neat seeing all of the little areas where spectators sat to watch the gladiator fights. Although with erosion it is somewhat difficult to picture the stadium and all of the seating.Ā  I walked up to the middle section first and it was so steep. The stairs were at a higher incline than we are used to and the “flat” surfaces had an incline. I guess they did not use levels in early architecture! We were able to see the basements of the arena where they kept all of the gladiators who fought and the animals that fought with or against them. It was so neat to see all of the crevices of the basement. It was small compared to today’s size of an arena, but for the era, I can see how it would have been just awe-inspiring.

After the Colosseum my aunt and I went shopping for four hours or so. It was so much fun to walk in and out of the little alley ways that we would have never seen without our mini adventure. And by mini, I mean seven miles…Today’s grand total of walking was 10 miles. So, I am very tired and I can feel a heartbeat in my feet. Do not think that is natural! The adventure was a lot of fun and we poked our heads into many tiny little shops. ( I was looking for a purse.) We were on the hunt for whatever goodies we could find (and we found sooo many!)

Anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed my little travel journal for the past two weeks. It has been a very fast, exciting, and adventurous two weeks.I have loved every minute of it and I cannot thank my grandparents enough for giving me this wonderful gift and opportunity. I hope that one day I can come back and visit the parts of Italy I still have not seen, but for now, I am ready to go home. This country has been so wonderful and has taught me many lessons I would have never learned without a visit. I am so very blessed to have been given this trip. šŸ™‚




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