Show Me the Positivity

How often do you see a positive news story? Once, maybe twice a week? A glance at the latest news on the internet and television could make anyone cringe with the negativity that oozes out of it. Let’s not even begin with the tabloids! The magazines that line walls in grocery stores are the ultimate source of hostility. optimism-quotes-stay-positive-quotes-Optimism-is-a-happiness-magnet.-If-you-stay-positive-good-things-and-good-people-will-be-drawn-to-you..

I decided that I am through focusing on the negative that is forced upon me daily. Instead, I wanted to focus the attention on the positive news that is happening in our world. There are so many stories that have not and will never make the news because they are so positive and will not generate buzz and revenue. It is quite unfortunate that this is the current case and state of our world. Scare tactics will always generate more commotion than a kind story. It is no wonder so many people hate the world we live in! All that is focused on is the multiple conflicts going on in the world. Why is it so difficult to focus on the positive news going on? Oh, that’s right, it does not make money. Can the media, for just a few stories, focus on something that makes people proud to be living in this era? Can the media focus on something that helps us grow for the better?


Knowing that this is something inconceivable for media outlets, I concluded that I should help people see that there is kindness still left in humanity. I want people to get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that good things STILL HAPPEN! I want others “Faith in Humanity Restored”. I know that we as the human race work better together when positivity surrounds us. This drove me to an idea I am in love with.

I am determined to showcase different positive news on my blog every week or so. I want people to start noticing that there is more to the world than unhappiness. That we can persevere and do anything we set our minds to. What we all need is to be a little more inspired in our lives. With all the pessimism encompassing us, we end up being less enthused about our lives and end up falling into a rut of misery. This is not the way we should be living our one and only chance at life.

Here are my favorite, recent news stories that display many positive aspects lacking in current media:

(I am quoting the actual titles of the headlines)

Teacher Donating a Kidney to Her Sick Student

Boy Mows Lawns, Raises $16K for Tornado Victims

Very Concerned, Very Honest Preschooler Returns Lost Nickel To Plymouth District Library

How Crime Rates Have Fallen by Up to 70% in Parts of the Western World

Breast cancer treatment breakthroughs herald hope for patients and those at risk

Dairy Queen employee goes above and beyond for blind customer

Man Gives Away Belongings to Counteract Black Friday ‘Craziness’

NASA Space Telescope Spots the ‘Hand Of God’ After Incredible Star Explosion

Tim’s Place: The Restaurant that Serves Breakfast with a Side of Hugs

7-Year-Old Sophie Lester Asks Australian Science Agency For Pet Dragon.. And They Deliver!

Kentucky Facebook Users Rally to Help Homeless Woman Find Shelter in Cold

Stay tuned for more positivity. I believe all humans need to stay positive to function well.

May all your days be optimistic and exciting!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,



What Defines YOU?

One of the most inspirational videos I have seen in a long time. always know that you are beautiful and worth it. Always strive to be better and make something of yourself!

Something to remember,

Step back and remember, everyone has something to contribute in this world. We are all here for a reason. Just because someone is not like you does not mean that they are a bad person.

Be nice. Be kind. Be loving. Be the best version of you. Be someone who you would want to spend time with.

Have a lovely day!


Galaxy S3 Update for the Camera

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch-35

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch-35 (Photo credit: Paul Jacobson)


I just figured out how to do this and it seems like no one of the internet knows how to fix this so I decided to write a very short post on it so everyone can be on the same page!

By now, most of you have gotten the Galaxy S3 4.3 update that was released a few weeks ago.

I know a major annoyance with the 4.2.2 hardware was the camera shutter sound. Well, that has now been fixed!

If you want to turn the shutter sound off, your phone must be on vibrate or silent. If the notification and ringtone volume is on, the shutter sound will be on as well.

Hopefully this helped anyone who may have been confused.

(I wrote this post because my phone went from not having a sound  to having one again and no one on the Android forums seemed to know how to fix it. Even though all it took was turning the notification sound off.)

The moral of the story? Things are always easier than they seem. You do not need to download a third-party camera application nor do you need to go into your phone’s files and delete the sound file.

Have a fabulous day!


A Letter to Me

When I was thirteen years old, in the seventh grade I wrote a letter to myself for a school project. After going through paperwork yesterday, I found this lovely letter and decided to post it here! Enjoy!


Dear future me,

          I’m 13 years old and I love to shop a lot. My favorite stores are American Eagle and Hollister. I love to play soccer and I love to run in gym. My favorite food at the moment would be pretzels. My favorite subject of all time is Social Studies because I love learning about the past. I also love doing science experiments in science class. My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers because they’re very talented singers.

          The only fear I have of 8th grade is that when it ends, I am in high school. I guess that can be good and bad though. Good because high school seems fun and exciting! Bad because it also freaks me out. My thoughts of eighth grade is that it will be so much fun because we’re older than everybody and we’ll get more freedom. I’m excited for the eighth grade because there are so many opportunities for us!

          One of my goals this year is to get straight A’s in all my classes by  turning all my homework in and completing it. Another is to be the best person I can be by being kind and respectful to everybody even if I don’t like the person. A personal goal I have is to make a bunch of new friends this year so when I’m in high school I’ll know the majority of the people in my grade. Another personal goal I have is to learn a different language, so if I ever get a chance to go to another country, I’ll know what they’re saying. Nice talking to you!




What a lovely letter! 🙂 I believe it is obvious that there were requirements in this letter (favorites, fears/anticipations of eighth grade, and goals). I decided after reading this letter, that I wanted to write a letter to myself to read after I graduate from college.


Dear College Graduate,

          You better be graduated from college! You worked your butt off to get through high school and I expect nothing less from you in college. I hope you got everything out of college you wanted (the sorority, life long friends, and the internships). Hopefully you graduate with grades you are more than satisfied with. In addition, I wish that you find a job that you love. I do not want you/me to be unhappy with your future.

          Now, while you are only four years older than the current you, I hope you also matured. I hope that you have fun in addition to all of the work. Never forget what dad says, “You work  in order to have an enjoyable life; do not make work your life”. Enjoy all aspects of life. Smell those roses! Have some fun!

          In my letter to myself I wrote what I enjoyed, fears/anticipations, and goals for myself… I already stated the goals that I hope you reached. Let me continue with what I enjoy currently. My favorite store is Forever 21; you can find anything there!. I love looking at the stars, blogging (I mean obviously!), reading books, and listening to country music. I do not really have a favorite school subject anymore. I like different classes within the subjects. I am also not sure I could name a favorite band/ musician. I have too many that I love as it is and I am not sure how I could narrow it down!

          Right now, I know where I am going to school next year and I know what my major is, but past that, I am clueless as to how the next four years will turn out. The last thirteen years have been easily predictable, but college will be more lenient and I am not sure what path that will take me down. All I hope is that, as I stated above, you do what you love. Also, one more thing, respect yourself. You have gone so far without giving into peer pressure. Who cares what other people think about you? You are you and that is the best thing in the world. Keep on respecting others, being kind, and being super amazing-ly awesome (because you are!).

          I hope everything goes as planned or at least does not stray too far off the path you want.


                              Your 18-year-old self 🙂


Hopefully all turns out well with the next four years!

Have a great day!





Lessons Learned

Life is a lesson you’ll learn it when you’re through.

— Unknown

As high school begins to come to a close, I am calling to mind all of the important lessons I have learned since I began middle school. As we grow up we do not realize how much we mature and figure out along the way. As seen in my past posts, I love to reminisce in the past. I love to think about how I could have done something differently. I love talking everything out as well. I have a few lessons that I have accepted and have been hard to comply with. Some of them are silly, but they took me awhile to learn.

Lesson #1: Do not tell your friends who you like

I cannot even tell you how many times I did this from 6th-10th grade. I also received the same result every time. I would trust too many people with a secret that I guess was really juicy or something because the boy I had a crush on always found out. You know what happens hen they find out? They back away slowly, turn, and then run quickly. The first instance of this actually occurred in 5th grade. I liked a boy and his friend asked me who I liked. Being naive, I told the friend who told other people and soon my entire class knew. It is one thing to like someone in high school, but a completely different thing in elementary school. Everyone made fun of me for a normal occurrence in the adult world. You would have thought I would have learned to never speak of my crushes ever again, but no. Fast forward to 9th grade. The start of high school was such an amazing experience. All of a sudden our grade had so many new boys that I had never seen in my life. Mainly from the Catholic schools around town. This new boy I liked was in my Algebra class. He had this amazing flippy hair which I had never seen on someone who was not famous so the first time I saw him I had an instant crush. I told my friend that I liked him and she said she would try to get us together. Long story short, she ended up going for him and completely blew my trust. I had never experienced such betrayal (or at least it felt like it). I believe that was the last time I told someone I liked someone. The next time I liked someone I kept it a secret and did not admit anything to anyone who asked. And what happened? I started sating him and we have been dating for two years. The moral of the story is never tell your friends who you like. It rarely turns out well. They tend to make it their business and it can ruin the frame for a relationship before it is even built.


Lesson #2: Never feel trapped in a friendship

I had a few friends that have been the controlling types. They are the types of people who like to make sure they are in charge of you. If you do one thing that they do not tend to agree with, you are at fault. This is unfortunate especially if you are like how I use to be. I would let people walk all over me because I had trouble saying no. I would let people control me and then if I made a tiny mistake I was suddenly a horrible person. I had a friend once who called me stupid on multiple occasions and then later at the end of our friendship spread rumors about me and turned a few of my friends against me even though they were not involved.

I had another friend who was very clingy if I talked to my other friends she would not talk to me for a day or so because I “ditched her”. Well, actually, I did not. She was reading a book while I was talking to my friends. There are many other times where she would get mad at me for silly reasons. The point is, never feel as if you are trapped in a friendship, or a relationship for that matter. An unhealthy friendship or relationship may seem okay, but it is not. Get out of it if you feel like it is not normal.

Lesson #3: It is okay to disagree

It can be difficult to know that someone may not like you. You question yourself. “Why do they not like me?” “What did I do to them?” It is okay to not get along with everyone. We were all created with our own opinions. Some people may not like that and that can be a shock when we think that the world revolves around us. However, I have accepted that not everyone will like me. Even though I think my personality is a winning one and I try my hardest to be kind to people, I know that sometimes that may not be enough. We just have to get over it and find the people who like us for who we are. Why focus your attention on trying to change someones opinion about you? That rarely works and you lose out on time with people who like you! Everyone has that one person who just drives them crazy. Why on Earth would you want to think about the person who drives you crazy? That seems like a waste of time, energy, and sleep. This is a lesson I have recently become more open to. I really do not want people to dislike me and I am the type of person who would try their hardest to get the person to like them. That has never worked so I settled with the fact that not everyone I will come across will like me and I am okay with that.

everything happens for a reason

Lesson #4: It is okay to have personal time

When I first started high school I wanted to keep every weekend booked with social activities. That started to wear me out. Between my sports, music, homework, and friends, I had no time to spend by myself. I really enjoy having time to myself. I like to just sit and read good books while drinking hot chocolate. I love to just sit at my computer late at night and blog ( like I am right now!). As an only child I learned quickly how to entertain myself and I guess that made me less social? I love a good party and eating out with my friends do not get me wrong, but I just  love to have calm time to recharge and contemplate life. I love to sit and think about all that goes on around me. It is quite onerous to do so surrounded by a lot of chatter. My favorite places to go are usually Starbucks and the library. No one talks to you there and you can just have peace of mind knowing that know one is going to start yelling at something. It really is okay to have personal time to do whatever you love the most. As cliché as this may sound, finding yourself is one of the most important adventures one can have in their life.


Lesson #5: You do not have to drink or do drugs to fit in

A common misconception among teenagers is that they need to drink or do drugs to fit in once they reach high school. I have yet to try either of those things and I am proud of it. I know people who have tried alcohol or drugs and I think it is silly. You get one life. Why do you want to potentially mess it up at such a young age? While there is a slim chance you will be caught, there is still a chance. People tend to believe that trying alcohol or drugs makes them fit in with certain groups. My opinion is that if a group requires you to try these things, maybe they are not the group for you. You should not have to feel pressured to be a part of a group. You should feel confident enough in yourself to know that you are better than people who like to make poor choices. You should always know that there is a group out there that will accept you for who you are and you do not need to try these harmful substances.

These five lessons are just the main five that I feel are the most important. I hope you all can relate or can take something away from this post.

Are there any lessons you have learned lately?

Comment below!



Nashville and Mean Girls

Hello everyone! I have not written much due to the overwhelming amount of homework and tests I had in December. Hopefully with the new year right around the corner, I’ll have time to write again!

So I hope everyone’s Christmas’s or whatever holiday you celebrate was wonderful! Mine definitely was!

So I have been getting very excited for college lately and so have my peers. Senioritis has been going around like the plague in my classes. I know people who have hardly been in class and who skip at least two classes a week. I don’t think that sounds like a good idea personally. Not only are you losing out on potential test material, you’re also accumulating a lower attendance rate which can hinder some college possibilities. It just sounds like a road to disaster. However, I will admit, I’m ready to graduate…right now. Hand me a cap and gown and I would do it today.

I’m pretty sick of all the drama that high school entails. Especially girl drama. It seems like many of the girl’s that I have befriended in the past are all the same: backstabbing, gossips, and jealous. Not always towards me, but towards others. They all act the same way at first too. They act like you are their best friend and you feel like it. It feels like it will be a lifelong friendship until they are done using you to get what they want. I do not understand this concept. Why would you want to waste your time using someone and pretending to be their friend until you find better friends. I also don’t see why or how it’s so difficult to be happy for other people. Many of the girls I have been friend’s with are super jealous of everyone else. I think that is pretty sad because all the girls I have called my “best friend” have sooo much going for them. They just do not see it. It’s pretty easy to be happy for someone though. If you are supposed to have something, then you will get it, but if not, then deal with it. If in the end you HAVE to have it, work your butt off and get it yourself! Teenage girls just don’t seem to get it. Sometimes jealousy looks like the only option.

Now I know college and life in general will present the same problems. High school has prepared me to tackle those obstacles. Or at least I think it has…

Regardless, I just want to move away from all the people who have tried to cause me strife the past six years or so. I’m very happy with the college I’m going to because none of the rude people I know are going there. Just a few of my friend’s. So this college is pretty much perfect for me. There are other reasons why it’s perfect for me, but I’ll go into that another time!


On a completely unrelated note, I’ve found my new favorite TV show! Nashville is a show on ABC that airs on Wednesday nights. As its name displays, it’s based in Nashville, TN. It is such a great show in that it has country music (which I love), great actors, and an unpredictable plot (hard to find in the age of remakes). I just find this show to be so entertaining. There are so many stories to follow. You have Teddy’s political career, Rayna’s singing career, Juliette’s singing career, and Avery and Scarlett’s aspirations to sing. If you are looking for a new show I’d recommend this one. I believe ABC has all the episodes online to watch for free, but it’s only for a limited time.

Well that sounded like the reviews section in a newspaper!

I know this post was not much of anything. I hope I encouraged some of you to watch at least one of the episodes of Nashville. I also hoped I discouraged some of you to be mean to people. The way that girl’s treat one another is horrible. If one thing is for sure, I will always remember the girl’s who were mean to me and not in a positive way.

Thanks for reading!

Not Everything is How it Seems

So…Senior year…

I guess I had higher expectations for Senior year. Not just the fun, but the work and stress as well. It does not feel like I am a Senior, nor does it feel like I have the work load a Senior should have (not that I am against this…I am COMPLETELY cool with it:) ).  Honestly though, I have been told my entire life how difficult this last year of high school would be. Here’s the catch though: It really isn’t. I thought that I would be under immense stress especially after last year, but I alas, I am not. I guess this could be a good way to end high school, with that much-needed relief and break before I have to get down to work in college.

Speaking of college, when I read the Overachievers this summer, I thought the college application process would be as terrifying as it was portrayed in that book. I don’t see that though. It isn’t hard at all which makes me wonder if I have just prepared myself well enough to handle the stress. For all I know, I should be under tons of stress right now, but since my courses are easy (to me) I don’t feel it. Would people who are not used to my course level feel pressure? I think this is the time for a scientific experiment.

Or not. We’ll just pretend that it happened. You know, say we did, but didn’t. Sounds great to me!:)

I do have a few goals for myself over the next month:

  • Get to 1500  views on my blog (By the way, I am so proud that I hit 1000 views and it’s all thanks to you!)
  • Get accepted to college so I can stop thinking about THAT
  • Continue my undefeated streak in tennis (5-0). This is all due to my lucky necklace. 🙂
  • Do well in school (well, obviously)
  • Make the district orchestra.
  • Practice the violin in general.

Those are just a few of them for now. I will write again soon!

How are your school years going? Any goals yet? College? Life? Love to hear!:D


Quote for the day: A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.
Charles Darwin

(This was in my Western Civilization class all last week as the quote of the week. I like it so I put it up!)