#What2013TaughtMe is a twitter hashtag that people use to tell what Twitter taught them

2013 taught me many things.

  1. Set goals for yourself and never stop until you have succeeded
  2. Keep your word
  3. Walk away from petty drama
  4. You may lose friends, and that is okay. You just did not have the same ideals and there’s no problem with that
  5. Welcome change
  6. Be confident
  7. Try new things
  8. Step out of your comfort zone
  9. Learn to adapt
  10. Never give up on yourself

This was a year of immense growth for me. I graduated high school and went to college. I got out of my comfort zone and joined a sorority. I set goals for myself last year and this year and didn’t stop until I achieved them. I welcomed the massive change of leaving home.

I am so thankful for all of the opportunities I received this year and everything I was able to do.



Back to Normal

Hello my fellow readers!

That sounded really lame…sup?

That did too…I’ll just get on with it…

So It has been almost a week since I returned from my once in a lifetime vacation. This last week has been spent getting back into the swing of things per se. My sleep schedule has been off for sure. I was so used to only getting six to seven hours of sleep that while I have the opportunity to sleep in, my brain is all like, “nope, not for you!”. Every once in awhile I will wonder what people are doing in Italy. Currently it is 4 am there and that just blows my mind for some reason…

I really have nothing else to say. I am about to go to sleep.

Sleep well my lovely readers,


P.S. Keep up with my college adventures here:



Everything Must Come to an End

As promised for nearly nine months, I am composing a reminiscence of high school. The past four years have been a concoction of happiness, stressfulness, excitement, and most importantly growing (unfortunately not in the vertical direction). Throughout the past four years I have matured greatly into what I believe is quite a wonderful citizen if I do say so myself! So without further ado, I shall display my look-back at high school.

Freshman Year

As many incoming Freshmen, I did not know what to expect. I only had a Hollywood skewed version of high school. I imagined all of these really attractive, mature looking boys lining the halls. That was a let down! 😉 Apparently, few exist in my area. I was determined to get a boyfriend. I know that seems silly, but every one of my friend’s had experienced a relationship or something near it and I wanted to know what that was like as well. I wish I could go back and tell myself that I would get everything I ever wanted and to not dwell on being boyfriend-less.

Freshman year was also difficult academically. I still managed great grades, but it was the first time I felt a struggle in school of any sort. I took my first honors course being Honors English I. I am not sure how other school districts teach the class, but my teacher started off the year with Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Now, as a 14 year old, this was the last book I wanted to read. It was awful and we had the difficult quiz’s after each reading. however, it did teach me how to comprehend more! Honors English I honestly dictated the rest of my high school career. If I had not taken the class, it is unlikely that I would have challenged myself and taken other honors/AP/ college credit courses.

Freshman Year was a crucial year in my life that the past three years have built upon. It was unlike any other year I have ever had. I believe that I grew and matured the most this year than any other year.

great expectations

photo credit: google images

Sophomore Year

Finally! I was no longer a Freshman! That was a very happy moment in my life. No longer was I in the grade who was constantly made fun of. This year was even better than Freshman Year. It seemed as if people who caused drama were calming down and I was more than willing to accept that.

My classes during 10th grade increased in difficulty, as they should. Honors English I had prepared me for Honors English II, but my main focus was the ever exciting Honors Geometry. Before I was a Sophomore, I had loved math, but that all went down hill after taking Honors Geometry. 😛 I loved the majority of my classes. My friend’s and I had a great year and everything was well!

This was my second year playing tennis and I had improved so much. There were about 32 girls on the team when I was a Freshman and based o ranking, I was the 32nd worst person on the team, therefore, the last. Yet, this year I moved up 16 spots! I was only 4 spots away from making the Varsity team which I was determined to be on when I became a Junior.

Junior Year

This was by far the most stressful year in high school. On top of my first AP class (AP U.S. History), I also had to study for the ACT and SAT. My entire future was in the hands of these scores and my grades. Talk about a reassuring feeling! 😛

For the first time, I made the varsity team in tennis. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was ready to finally show my coaches how much I cared…and I did!

Life did, however, get way more exciting. My friends were getting their license’s and now we had places to go, people to see. It was absolutely amazing! I went on some fun adventures all around my city. The reality of my future began to settle in.


Photo credit: workingmother.com

Senior Year

Oh my goodness. I blinked and it was gone…I’m not quite sure how that happened… This year was by far the best! 2 Senior BBQ’s, Senior breakfast, free shirts with my activity pass, my Senior crown, varsity tennis, and getting into college were the highlights for sure!

One would think that this year would have been more stressful than my Junior year. Since I got into the college I wanted to get into back in September, most of my stress was eliminated. My classes, while honors/college credit/ AP, were not bad in the slightest and I received a 4.3 GPA both semesters. Now, at graduation, I am walking with a Cum Laude medal. My goal throughout out school was to reach this level. My other goal was to collar for National Honor Society, which I did too! (Collaring is reaching the minimum amount of points by going to meetings and volunteering.)


On one hand I am sad to be saying bye to high school and all of the wonderful memories and friends I made, but on the other hand, it is time for me to move on in my life. I am very happy to be outside the petty drama that high school is filled with. I am glad to be flipping to the next chapter in my life where judging is limited and many people are ‘over’ the drama. I do not believe I would ever want to relive high school. I will take it for what it was and nothing more: memories and lessons.


What a Great Week!

As I type this I am listening to Backstreet Boys- Larger Than Life. What a song to listen to! I do not care what people say! I am living in the past when it comes to my music preferences!

This is a strange video, but I guess that is a product of the late ’90’s/ ’00’s

So where do I begin with my week? Tuesday was my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend! I feel strange saying anniversary, I feel like that is usually reserved for married people. But alas, I’ll go with it! It was exciting!:)

Wednesday, I had Large Group Ensemble with my orchestra. We performed 3 songs and we got a 1 rating! My school’s other orchestra also received a 1 also! It is the first time in my school’s history that both orchestra’s received a 1. My teacher is happy beyond words…obviously. Later on Wednesday I found out that not only had I fulfilled the point requirement for Seniors in National Honor Society, I surpassed it…by 20 points. when the year is finished I will be at 50 points over. By fulfilling the requirement I “collar” at graduation meaning I get to wear something along with my gown that says I did so. Once I went home, I received a letter in the mail from my college saying that I had gotten more scholarships! So to sum it all up, I had such a lovely week!

Here’s my favorite song for the week:

Have a great week everyone!


Week in Review

Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well!

I know I said I was going to do a daily post of “things I hear in the hallway”. Unfortunately, right when I wanted to write about it, I stopped hearing interesting tidbits. So, alas, that idea turned out poorly! The last week has been unlike a normal one. With the events of last weekend mixed with my slow classes, I had an interesting week…and by interesting I mean one filled with a multitude of emotions.

This week I had to prepare for my Solo and Ensemble competition with my violin piece. I originally was not too thrilled to do this competition as it was just part of my grade. However, I practiced all week a lot and got a higher score than I thought I was going to receive. A score of 1 means you go to the state competition. I received a 2. Not bad! I had prepared myself to get a 3, so a 2 was quite unexpected!  Many of my friends played so well that they received a score of 1! Which means I am friends with some VERY talented musicians! However, I was happy that I did not get a 1. I am not only not majoring in music, but the state competition is on the same day as Prom. No thank you. I do wish my classmates the greatest of luck when they so go to state!

I think the best part of the experience was my music teacher telling me that this was the best he had ever heard me play. Well that right there is a confidence booster. Especially when it comes from someone who has a few masters pertaining to music, teaching, and composition!

Before I could make the much anticipated appearance at Solo and Ensemble, I went to school. On a Saturday morning… at 8 a.m. Bright and Early. Now, many of you are probably asking, “why on Earth would you put yourself through that on a Saturday?!” My friends, let me explain. You are currently reading the blog of an overachiever. I had a practice AP English Language and Composition exam this morning until 12. Okay so I am definitely not a complete overachiever. If I was that I would have also received a National Merit Scholarship as 3 of my friends did and I would have gotten a 1 on my solo. So  no, not a complete overachiever. However, I do want to feel prepared for the test come May. I need a three on the exam. I do not think that will be too difficult, but I do not want to take a chance on messing up because I did not prepare enough.

On a side note, I some new, amazing music.

Here are my favorites this week:

What I hear in the Halls: Part 2

So today’s episodes are as followed:

1) Girl: “No, you hang up first!”
    Boy: “No, you!”
And so on and so forth in the middle of the hall…

2) Girl: “I’m soooooo cold!”
    Boy: “My love will blanket you!”

Oh my goodness….This is like something out of a Nicholas Sparks book. It cracked me up!

That’s all for today!

Because Sometimes We Need To Laugh

“Laughter is the best medicine”

Sometime we just need to laugh. Maybe we have had a tragic accident happen or we are just having “one of those days”. Whenever I need a laugh I go to Pinterest and then to the humor section. That usually cures me of whatever emotions are going through me. Because I think everyone should have a good laugh, here are some funny things to take you through this weekend:

6th gradetreble stop sleep shampoo pbj math class johnny hollister dance party cos b coffee class christian pick up lines bbt

Hopefully this made you all smile just a little bit!:)

Laugh a little!