18 Things Being 18 Taught Me


At every age we learn something different about ourselves. We grow, mature, and shape into the adults that we will be one day.

Turning 18 is a stepping stone into adulthood. You are finally considered legal. As for me, this year has been my biggest year yet! I graduated high school and continued my journey into college. I have learned a lot of things along the way which I would like to share with you now.

  1. Do not take your time with others for granted.

  2. It is okay to not know what you are going to do in the future.

  3. Compare yourself to no one.

  4. Patience is key.

  5. It is okay to be wrong sometimes.

  6. Coffee is an essential part of a diet.

  7. Do not feel like you need to act a certain way to impress people. Always be yourself.

  8. Love 100% of yourself 100% of the time.

  9. Grow and mature at your own rate.

  10. Do not be ashamed to take a nap every once in a while.

  11. Working out regularly always makes you feel better. Always.

  12. Some friendships are not meant to last forever.

  13. Do not spend your life on social media. Also, do not put your everything in your life on social media.

  14. Take pictures of everything. You will want them someday!

  15. Have pride in your work. If your name is on it, it represents you, so do your best!

  16. Work hard and everything will work out how it needs to.

  17. More people care about you than you know.

  18. If you do not put 100% of yourself into something, do not expect 100% of the rewards.

My 18th year has been perfect. While the beginning was stressful with my last semester of my senior year, graduation came quickly. It was the most empowering moment of my life. I knew I had worked very hard in high school and that was what I had to show for it. After graduation I took a life changing vacation to Italy which changed my perspective of everything in my world. Then college came and I left home for the first time on my own. What an incredible, changing experience that was! I met so many new and different people and did things I could have never done if I had stayed at home.

I think it is safe to say that this year was as perfect as perfect gets.

Here’s to hoping 19 is just a lovely as 18.


Everything Must Come to an End

As promised for nearly nine months, I am composing a reminiscence of high school. The past four years have been a concoction of happiness, stressfulness, excitement, and most importantly growing (unfortunately not in the vertical direction). Throughout the past four years I have matured greatly into what I believe is quite a wonderful citizen if I do say so myself! So without further ado, I shall display my look-back at high school.

Freshman Year

As many incoming Freshmen, I did not know what to expect. I only had a Hollywood skewed version of high school. I imagined all of these really attractive, mature looking boys lining the halls. That was a let down! 😉 Apparently, few exist in my area. I was determined to get a boyfriend. I know that seems silly, but every one of my friend’s had experienced a relationship or something near it and I wanted to know what that was like as well. I wish I could go back and tell myself that I would get everything I ever wanted and to not dwell on being boyfriend-less.

Freshman year was also difficult academically. I still managed great grades, but it was the first time I felt a struggle in school of any sort. I took my first honors course being Honors English I. I am not sure how other school districts teach the class, but my teacher started off the year with Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Now, as a 14 year old, this was the last book I wanted to read. It was awful and we had the difficult quiz’s after each reading. however, it did teach me how to comprehend more! Honors English I honestly dictated the rest of my high school career. If I had not taken the class, it is unlikely that I would have challenged myself and taken other honors/AP/ college credit courses.

Freshman Year was a crucial year in my life that the past three years have built upon. It was unlike any other year I have ever had. I believe that I grew and matured the most this year than any other year.

great expectations

photo credit: google images

Sophomore Year

Finally! I was no longer a Freshman! That was a very happy moment in my life. No longer was I in the grade who was constantly made fun of. This year was even better than Freshman Year. It seemed as if people who caused drama were calming down and I was more than willing to accept that.

My classes during 10th grade increased in difficulty, as they should. Honors English I had prepared me for Honors English II, but my main focus was the ever exciting Honors Geometry. Before I was a Sophomore, I had loved math, but that all went down hill after taking Honors Geometry. 😛 I loved the majority of my classes. My friend’s and I had a great year and everything was well!

This was my second year playing tennis and I had improved so much. There were about 32 girls on the team when I was a Freshman and based o ranking, I was the 32nd worst person on the team, therefore, the last. Yet, this year I moved up 16 spots! I was only 4 spots away from making the Varsity team which I was determined to be on when I became a Junior.

Junior Year

This was by far the most stressful year in high school. On top of my first AP class (AP U.S. History), I also had to study for the ACT and SAT. My entire future was in the hands of these scores and my grades. Talk about a reassuring feeling! 😛

For the first time, I made the varsity team in tennis. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was ready to finally show my coaches how much I cared…and I did!

Life did, however, get way more exciting. My friends were getting their license’s and now we had places to go, people to see. It was absolutely amazing! I went on some fun adventures all around my city. The reality of my future began to settle in.


Photo credit: workingmother.com

Senior Year

Oh my goodness. I blinked and it was gone…I’m not quite sure how that happened… This year was by far the best! 2 Senior BBQ’s, Senior breakfast, free shirts with my activity pass, my Senior crown, varsity tennis, and getting into college were the highlights for sure!

One would think that this year would have been more stressful than my Junior year. Since I got into the college I wanted to get into back in September, most of my stress was eliminated. My classes, while honors/college credit/ AP, were not bad in the slightest and I received a 4.3 GPA both semesters. Now, at graduation, I am walking with a Cum Laude medal. My goal throughout out school was to reach this level. My other goal was to collar for National Honor Society, which I did too! (Collaring is reaching the minimum amount of points by going to meetings and volunteering.)


On one hand I am sad to be saying bye to high school and all of the wonderful memories and friends I made, but on the other hand, it is time for me to move on in my life. I am very happy to be outside the petty drama that high school is filled with. I am glad to be flipping to the next chapter in my life where judging is limited and many people are ‘over’ the drama. I do not believe I would ever want to relive high school. I will take it for what it was and nothing more: memories and lessons.


Lessons Learned

Life is a lesson you’ll learn it when you’re through.

— Unknown

As high school begins to come to a close, I am calling to mind all of the important lessons I have learned since I began middle school. As we grow up we do not realize how much we mature and figure out along the way. As seen in my past posts, I love to reminisce in the past. I love to think about how I could have done something differently. I love talking everything out as well. I have a few lessons that I have accepted and have been hard to comply with. Some of them are silly, but they took me awhile to learn.

Lesson #1: Do not tell your friends who you like

I cannot even tell you how many times I did this from 6th-10th grade. I also received the same result every time. I would trust too many people with a secret that I guess was really juicy or something because the boy I had a crush on always found out. You know what happens hen they find out? They back away slowly, turn, and then run quickly. The first instance of this actually occurred in 5th grade. I liked a boy and his friend asked me who I liked. Being naive, I told the friend who told other people and soon my entire class knew. It is one thing to like someone in high school, but a completely different thing in elementary school. Everyone made fun of me for a normal occurrence in the adult world. You would have thought I would have learned to never speak of my crushes ever again, but no. Fast forward to 9th grade. The start of high school was such an amazing experience. All of a sudden our grade had so many new boys that I had never seen in my life. Mainly from the Catholic schools around town. This new boy I liked was in my Algebra class. He had this amazing flippy hair which I had never seen on someone who was not famous so the first time I saw him I had an instant crush. I told my friend that I liked him and she said she would try to get us together. Long story short, she ended up going for him and completely blew my trust. I had never experienced such betrayal (or at least it felt like it). I believe that was the last time I told someone I liked someone. The next time I liked someone I kept it a secret and did not admit anything to anyone who asked. And what happened? I started sating him and we have been dating for two years. The moral of the story is never tell your friends who you like. It rarely turns out well. They tend to make it their business and it can ruin the frame for a relationship before it is even built.


Lesson #2: Never feel trapped in a friendship

I had a few friends that have been the controlling types. They are the types of people who like to make sure they are in charge of you. If you do one thing that they do not tend to agree with, you are at fault. This is unfortunate especially if you are like how I use to be. I would let people walk all over me because I had trouble saying no. I would let people control me and then if I made a tiny mistake I was suddenly a horrible person. I had a friend once who called me stupid on multiple occasions and then later at the end of our friendship spread rumors about me and turned a few of my friends against me even though they were not involved.

I had another friend who was very clingy if I talked to my other friends she would not talk to me for a day or so because I “ditched her”. Well, actually, I did not. She was reading a book while I was talking to my friends. There are many other times where she would get mad at me for silly reasons. The point is, never feel as if you are trapped in a friendship, or a relationship for that matter. An unhealthy friendship or relationship may seem okay, but it is not. Get out of it if you feel like it is not normal.

Lesson #3: It is okay to disagree

It can be difficult to know that someone may not like you. You question yourself. “Why do they not like me?” “What did I do to them?” It is okay to not get along with everyone. We were all created with our own opinions. Some people may not like that and that can be a shock when we think that the world revolves around us. However, I have accepted that not everyone will like me. Even though I think my personality is a winning one and I try my hardest to be kind to people, I know that sometimes that may not be enough. We just have to get over it and find the people who like us for who we are. Why focus your attention on trying to change someones opinion about you? That rarely works and you lose out on time with people who like you! Everyone has that one person who just drives them crazy. Why on Earth would you want to think about the person who drives you crazy? That seems like a waste of time, energy, and sleep. This is a lesson I have recently become more open to. I really do not want people to dislike me and I am the type of person who would try their hardest to get the person to like them. That has never worked so I settled with the fact that not everyone I will come across will like me and I am okay with that.

everything happens for a reason

Lesson #4: It is okay to have personal time

When I first started high school I wanted to keep every weekend booked with social activities. That started to wear me out. Between my sports, music, homework, and friends, I had no time to spend by myself. I really enjoy having time to myself. I like to just sit and read good books while drinking hot chocolate. I love to just sit at my computer late at night and blog ( like I am right now!). As an only child I learned quickly how to entertain myself and I guess that made me less social? I love a good party and eating out with my friends do not get me wrong, but I just  love to have calm time to recharge and contemplate life. I love to sit and think about all that goes on around me. It is quite onerous to do so surrounded by a lot of chatter. My favorite places to go are usually Starbucks and the library. No one talks to you there and you can just have peace of mind knowing that know one is going to start yelling at something. It really is okay to have personal time to do whatever you love the most. As cliché as this may sound, finding yourself is one of the most important adventures one can have in their life.


Lesson #5: You do not have to drink or do drugs to fit in

A common misconception among teenagers is that they need to drink or do drugs to fit in once they reach high school. I have yet to try either of those things and I am proud of it. I know people who have tried alcohol or drugs and I think it is silly. You get one life. Why do you want to potentially mess it up at such a young age? While there is a slim chance you will be caught, there is still a chance. People tend to believe that trying alcohol or drugs makes them fit in with certain groups. My opinion is that if a group requires you to try these things, maybe they are not the group for you. You should not have to feel pressured to be a part of a group. You should feel confident enough in yourself to know that you are better than people who like to make poor choices. You should always know that there is a group out there that will accept you for who you are and you do not need to try these harmful substances.

These five lessons are just the main five that I feel are the most important. I hope you all can relate or can take something away from this post.

Are there any lessons you have learned lately?

Comment below!



Nashville and Mean Girls

Hello everyone! I have not written much due to the overwhelming amount of homework and tests I had in December. Hopefully with the new year right around the corner, I’ll have time to write again!

So I hope everyone’s Christmas’s or whatever holiday you celebrate was wonderful! Mine definitely was!

So I have been getting very excited for college lately and so have my peers. Senioritis has been going around like the plague in my classes. I know people who have hardly been in class and who skip at least two classes a week. I don’t think that sounds like a good idea personally. Not only are you losing out on potential test material, you’re also accumulating a lower attendance rate which can hinder some college possibilities. It just sounds like a road to disaster. However, I will admit, I’m ready to graduate…right now. Hand me a cap and gown and I would do it today.

I’m pretty sick of all the drama that high school entails. Especially girl drama. It seems like many of the girl’s that I have befriended in the past are all the same: backstabbing, gossips, and jealous. Not always towards me, but towards others. They all act the same way at first too. They act like you are their best friend and you feel like it. It feels like it will be a lifelong friendship until they are done using you to get what they want. I do not understand this concept. Why would you want to waste your time using someone and pretending to be their friend until you find better friends. I also don’t see why or how it’s so difficult to be happy for other people. Many of the girls I have been friend’s with are super jealous of everyone else. I think that is pretty sad because all the girls I have called my “best friend” have sooo much going for them. They just do not see it. It’s pretty easy to be happy for someone though. If you are supposed to have something, then you will get it, but if not, then deal with it. If in the end you HAVE to have it, work your butt off and get it yourself! Teenage girls just don’t seem to get it. Sometimes jealousy looks like the only option.

Now I know college and life in general will present the same problems. High school has prepared me to tackle those obstacles. Or at least I think it has…

Regardless, I just want to move away from all the people who have tried to cause me strife the past six years or so. I’m very happy with the college I’m going to because none of the rude people I know are going there. Just a few of my friend’s. So this college is pretty much perfect for me. There are other reasons why it’s perfect for me, but I’ll go into that another time!


On a completely unrelated note, I’ve found my new favorite TV show! Nashville is a show on ABC that airs on Wednesday nights. As its name displays, it’s based in Nashville, TN. It is such a great show in that it has country music (which I love), great actors, and an unpredictable plot (hard to find in the age of remakes). I just find this show to be so entertaining. There are so many stories to follow. You have Teddy’s political career, Rayna’s singing career, Juliette’s singing career, and Avery and Scarlett’s aspirations to sing. If you are looking for a new show I’d recommend this one. I believe ABC has all the episodes online to watch for free, but it’s only for a limited time.

Well that sounded like the reviews section in a newspaper!

I know this post was not much of anything. I hope I encouraged some of you to watch at least one of the episodes of Nashville. I also hoped I discouraged some of you to be mean to people. The way that girl’s treat one another is horrible. If one thing is for sure, I will always remember the girl’s who were mean to me and not in a positive way.

Thanks for reading!

So Why Should I Volunteer?

Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another. 

~Erma Bombeck

I love to volunteer. I don’t think I could go a month without volunteering somewhere. I do not volunteer because it makes me look good  or so people will think I am a good person. I do it for myself because it makes ME feel good. I love the feeling I get knowing that I am potentially helping someone. I haven been involved in numerous volunteer activities. In fact, I just participated in one today!

Volunteer activities I have participated in during the past few months:

  1. Setting up a Christmas light display in a park
  2. Working at my local library to sign id’s up for the summer reading program

    English: NORFOLK (Feb. 19, 2009) Sailors sort ...

    English: NORFOLK (Feb. 19, 2009) Sailors sort through food items checking expiration dates while volunteering at The Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia. The volunteer project was part of a two-day training conference at Naval Station Norfolk to promote the Navy’s Community Service Program. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Maddelin Angebrand/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  3. Stuffing backpacks with school supplies
  4. Packing shoe boxes with essential items for children in need
  5. and this weekend…I will be sorting food at a food pantry.

I think volunteering is such a good activity to be involved in. Not only does it make you feel great and give you something to do, (as if we do not already have jam-packed schedules) but it also helps people in need and give back to our communities who need the unpaid help. When I volunteer, I know that many people are benefiting from what I and other volunteers are helping with.

Volunteering is so much fun too! You meet very kind people who are there to do the same thing as you. You all want to accomplish the same goal.

I am not trying to promote myself as a goody who just LOVES TO HELP EVERYONE.. I mean I do, but I am not trying to promote that. What I am trying to promote, however, is how wonderful the community can benefit as well as you, the volunteer-y.

I wish more people would realize how great volunteering is and would give a little time a week to help someone or an organization. It is such a great, fun, and even exciting thing to do.

Just wanted to tell everyone how much I love volunteering… did you see my excitement?!

Thanks for reading! It means a lot to know you all read. 🙂

Do any of you all have any volunteer activities you participate in? Please comment and let me know, I would be so excited to hear!

Have a splendid weekend!


Exciting Times!

Everything has been going so amazing lately. I am so lucky right now. Here’s why:

(I have a cold right now and I am kind of out of it. If nothing really makes much sense, I am sorry!)


Well, school is going quite well!

Business Web Design: I think this so cool! We learned how to create an HTML code for putting in a hyperlink and websites. It is so interesting. Not sure why, but it is…:)

Western Civ.: Just finished the Mesopotamian’s and Egyptians. Now we’re talking about the Israelite’s and the beginnings of Christianity and the New Testament. I really do enjoy all the history!

Physics: So many labs, it is WONDERFUL!

Accounting: I was kind of iffy about this last week, but now that we are onto a new unit, I am feeling more confident about it!

AP Language and Composition: We are learning about all the different rhetorical strategies, including: anaphora, apostrophe, antithesis, juxtaposition, and a multitude of others. I found it interesting (like everything) that there are hundreds of rhetorical strategies. I guess that makes sense though. I just never thought about it!

Pre-Calc.: I actually enjoy this math class. Compared to my Geometry and Algebra II classes. My teacher is so sweet. We had a test yesterday and she said she once heard gum makes you do better on a test. So she went out a bought ll these different types of gum packs and let us have a piece. She does this for every test. She may just be my new favorite teacher!

Orchestra: We are getting ready for our Halloween concert with all of this “spooky” music. I am also preparing for district auditions. I was in that orchestra last year, so hopefully luck will be on my side and I will get in again!


AHHH!!! I love tennis so much. In case you have not figured that out yet…My tennis partner and I’s streak ended sadly, but we are at 7-2 overall. We had a tournament today where my school took third place. My tennis partner and I won our first game 8-2, lost the next one 7-9, then won our last game at 8-0. Quite the successful day if you ask me! all the teams we played were good in their own ways. The first team we played though did not seem like they wanted to be there in general and one of the girls looked annoyed the entire time. Our second game was against a private school. It was such a close match throughout. We never had a significant lead, always a one game lead then they would catch up, pass us up, and then we would do the same to them. The last two games were really rough, however. They had really good shots and were bringing their all. While we were bringing our all as well, they just happened to be a little bit better than us and that is all they needed. My tennis partner was sure the one of the girls was cursing us because she would look at us, close her eyes, say something to herself, and look at us individually. Kind of creepy if you ask me, I am sure she did not mean any harm anyway. Honestly, if that is what she has to do to win instead of just practicing, then whatever works I guess. It was not the match to make or break my life. The last team was really nice, but we felt bad for winning that much. I guess that  is just competition and the way to play. One of the girl’s was injured though, so I really do not think it was a fair game. They were both so nice though.

My Future:

Welllllll:0 Good news everyone! I got into the college that I applied to! I accepted the admission as well so it is all set! When  I had applied , they gave me a username and password for their online information website. It showed my application status and every time I checked, they had to receive my transcripts. BUT, I logged on Tuesday and it said “application status is admitted” I looked at my friend who was sitting next to me and I was like, “Does that mean I go IN?!?!” She looks at me and says, “I think so!” To tell you the truth, I have never been happier about anything in my entire life! I started to get a few tears in my eyes, then remembered I was in a classroom with a bunch of people, and decided that I could cry of happiness later. Haha! I accepted the admission on Wednesday, and received my actual “congratulations” letter in the mail on Thursday. I cannot believe my entire future (well, 4-6 years anyway) is set. It is kind of crazy to think that I am going to be in college, sitting in a dorm room (probably studying…That’s the correct answer, right?;) ) a year from now. It blows my mind to think I am also going to be 8 in a few months. Life goes by too fast sometimes.


I will say, it is nice to know that I do not have to stress about applications and applying anymore. I just cannot think of a more perfect week, you know? Tennis is going GREAT! My future is set, I know where I want to go and what I want to do. The college I am going to have a tennis club and extra-curricular orchestra so I still get to do everything I love. I have a feeling the next few years are going to be great!

I have such a great outlook on life right now. I wish you all the best of luck in anything you may be trying to get through right now.


Have a great weekend everyone,

Beth:)))))))))) <(I am so happy, can you tell?)

Sometime’s Change Can be Good

Change is inevitable. Life takes a different course than you were expecting and sometimes that is hard. I hate change. Rather, I hate unexpected change. The kind of change where your life feels like it is being shredded to pieces. Most people hate this kind of change (unless you are the adventurous type, then kudos to you). Whenever big change happens in my life, I am very bad at dealing with it in a timely manner. Then again, it could just be the most recent big change that I am having a tough time with. I know I will get used to it. I know it is not as bad as it seems right now. It is just something that will take time getting used to, but I know when I finally get used to it, I will be 100% okay with the change.

Change is a good thing. It makes you stronger. It may even make the situation better in the future. I am learning to deal with the unexpected. This will not be the first or only time in my life when unexpected change will happen. Change will be constant throughout my life. It may not be noticiable, but it will always be there. I will always be changing physically, for example. One day I will wake up and I will have grey hair. As a constant change, I will not notice it as much, but if I were to wake up tomorrow with grey hair, I would have a long journey of getting used to the change ahead of me.

Change will not always be easy, especially at first, but it will be good for you. It will make you a stronger person so the next time it happens, it will not be as bad. I do not know if I am necessarily thankful for change, but I know in the end, I may just be a happier person. The journey will be hard, but I know anyone, including myself, can do it!

Have a great week everyone!

Post Fourth of July

With our Fourth of July partying winding down, let me first say, I hope everyone had a memorable, wonderful fourth. It truly feels like summer during this great day. With all the BBQs, concerts, baseball games, and fireworks, it can seem as if we’re only celebrating summer, not our independence and freedom from Great Britain.

Our independence and freedom are something America should be proud of. Many people around the world have no idea what it means to be free. They have no idea what it is like to be able to walk out of their homes feeling safe and secure. In result of our fore fathers, Americans know what this feels like.

I am blessed to have grown up in America, to have known what it is like to feel safe, and to be able to make my own life choices without someone holding me back. I am blessed to be free to do with my education as I please. Lastly, I am blessed because I have wonderful influences around me.

Take pride in the national anthem and pledge of allegiance. This is who we are. Do not be timid when pledging your allegiance to our great country. We are the home of the brave and the land of the free. There is no problem beimg an American, so embrace it and be proud.

As your festivities slow down, take the time to remember all those who came before you to make our country great. Remember those aprox. 1,336,382+ soldiers who died in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, The Mexican War, The Civil War, The Spanish American War, World War 1, World War 2, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Gulf War, The Iraq War, and every war in between. They fought so every American could have their freedom. Do not forget those veterns and current soldiers who were and have been lucky to not have died in conflicts to keep us safe. Be greatful for your freedom, not everyone is lucky enough to know it.

Happy post Fourth of July

Be thankful for who you are,

What I’m Reading

Actually I have not started yet, but I will! It is summer reading for school so I am kind of putting it off, but I think I will start today.

Any reviews from those of you who have read it?


Beautiful Nights

Ah.:) That is all I can do right now. I love summer nights. I just love summer in general. It does have its rough parts, but those do not last THAT long.

Really though, I love to sit outside watching the sun set, listen to the birds chirping, and laugh at the lightning bugs that disappear before my eyes.

What I really love about summer nights is spending it with my friends and boyfriend. Life seems to get even better when I am with them. My best memory from last summer was sitting in my backyard watching fireworks with him. Talk about a super cheesey, movie type moment. Yet, it was magical. Magical? Yup, that would be the right word. I hope we get that again this summer. That would be perfect.

My grandma said that if you listen to the cars on the highway in the distance and use your imagination, they sound like ocean waves. Everyone should find their ocean waves in the distance, they make everything better.

You only get a few summers in high school so make of them the best that you can and live for the moments that make you the happiest.

Summer is here!