All About Prom

Prom season is upon us. Girls make those hair appointments, guys please, do not forget to rent your tux. Please. Prom has a lot of hype revolving around it. Obviously you have to get the perfect dress, shoes, bag, makeup, and your hair has to look fantastic. Here are all my prom favorites including websites for maybe those of you who have not bought anything yet. Put on this mix and settle in for this wonderful shopping experience!

Dress Websites:




Neiman Marcus



Saks Fifth Avenue



J.C. Penny

Camille la Vie





Camille la Vie

Famous Footwear





Camille la Vie

Charming Charlie


Prom is an experience unlike any other. This is a time that guys should be the ones asking the girl to prom. You can do it!:) Don’t know how to ask? Google can help there!

This is how my boyfriend asked me to prom last year and this year:

PhotoGrid_1364182746340Prom has a magical feel to it. It is unlike any other dance you will go to in high school. You just feel as if you will be young forever (wouldn’t that be great?!) The movie ‘Prom’ had a quote in it that describes the point I am making.

“It’s the one night when nobody cares who wore the varsity jacket, and who got cut from the team. It’s the night when you might find yourself singing at the top of your lungs, with people you’ve never even spoken too.”

I know it is super cheesy, but honestly isn’t prom cheesy in general?

Happy prom season!

Beth 😀

My Essentials

I have so many essentials in my life. These are the things that make me the happiest. Here you go (in no particular order):

1) flowers…especially bright ones!
2) Dave Barnes music…so relaxing.
3) scarves…floral and bright!
3) dresses…so beautiful.
4) rain…pitter patter on my heart.
5) summer…warm breezes and fun times.
6) Seventeen Magazine… I have read every issue for the last 5 years.
7) tennis… I have played for 4 years.
8) good friends…ones that treat me like a friend.
9) nice family…they are the best!
10) dreams…almost better than reality sometimes!
11) good grades…who doesn’t like that?!
12) my relationship…He is wonderful:).
13) colorful things…my room is aqua and lime green.
14) funny pictures…make me laugh!
15) inspirational quotes…I like to be inspired.
16) monkeys…favorite (and adorable!) animal.
17) traveling…I have been to two other countries and all the states except for 7.
18) a good book…my favorite is Anna and the French Kiss. At least from this summer.
19) dressing up…prom and homecoming!!!!
20) shoes…I love sandals and boots.
21) good food… better be spicy!
22) mexican food…read above;).
23) jewelry… earrings are the best!
24) thunderstorms…BOOM!
25) piglet…have had him since I was a year old!
26) post cards…I have 950+ (I haven’t counted in awhile).
27) eiffel tower…my dream destination.
28) being a senior…I am still shocked.
29) polka dots…my bed spread.
30) orchestra…going on 8 years. My violin and I are inseperable.

What is essential in your life?

The Night I Will Remember. Prom Part 2

Wow. All I think I can say about prom, is wow. It was an amazing night! I did not think it was possible, but I think I felt the magic upon me. When I say magic, I do not mean that the entire class came together, but rather the ambiance was magic. It was an experience I know I will never forget. Thankfully, it was not at my school, we had it at a hotel. When I walked in, I knew it would be an incredible night.  Like I said in prom part 1, great music, great people, and wonderful memories.

All the stress I had about prom was immediately washed away when I saw my wonderful date in his tuxedo. When I saw him, I knew nothing would ruin my night. Not even the mini hurricane we had when we were getting pictures could bring me down. My hair stayed in place pretty well, and it should have considering how much hairspray was used! There were no dress mishaps or heels breaking.All in all, I say it was a great night!

I think if there is one thing I hated about prom it would be how quickly it ended. I waited so long for it to get here and it was over in an instant. If i could, I would be dancing in that hotel forever.

Funny tidbit from last night… When my date walked in to my house and told me that I looked beautiful, I was so stunned by how handsome he was that I told him he looked beautiful too. Funny little things like that are bound to happen.

I learned many things from prom. I learned that if you let others affect your night, you are doomed to have an awful time. I learned that the perfect dress and perfect hair style do not make your night, the perfect attitude does. I learned to not stress over the small things. I learned that while some girls can be catty, if you just rise above that, your happiness rises too. Most importantly, I learned that optimism gets you farther than pessimism. By being optimistic, I had the best night of my life last night.

I hope everyone of you out there have an amazing, full of wonderful memories, and an enjoyable prom. Remember to always enjoy high school in its entirety, it can surprise you and become the best four years of your life.

Always have fun,


Will This be the Night I’d Dreamed of? Prom Part 1

Warning: This is a very girly monologue about all things prom and is quite random, so brace yourself!

It is prom season and I know I am not the first to write about this. I am just so excited! My first prom is tonight. I have to admit, I am sort of nervous. I do not really know what to expect. I know there will be great music, beautiful people, and many memories. What I want to know is, is prom exactly how it is in the movies? Am I going to feel the magic that is portrayed on every teen prom movie? The magic in Footloose seems unattainable. Do you know the kind of magic I am talking about? The kind where your entire class comes together to have a great time together. Am I going to feel that magic? That is what I want to know. For some reason I feel like that will not happen. However, miracles will happen and maybe people who have despised each other for years can come together and dance the night away. That is what I want to happen.

I have been quite stressed about prom. At least I was up until a week ago when I began to get excited. I was worried that my hair would not turn out the way I wanted to, that my dress would rip, or that it would rain. I kept thinking about how I wanted prom to be and then it hit me. I cannot keep myself concerned with what I WANT to happen. If I WANT my prom to be a certain way, then I need to go out there and make it happen myself. I do not need to wait for the magic to sweep me away. I also thought, even if this were to be a bad experience, I would have a funny story to tell later. If I focus on how much fun I will have with my date and not on the stressful parts of prom, I know it will turn out the way I have always dreamed it would.

Therefore, for those of you going to prom soon, next year, or in the years to come, just remember, prom is what you make of it. If you expect the worst, you will get it. If you have optimism, it will turn into one of the best nights of your life.

Oh, and for those of you who have not gone to prom yet. The rumor that EVERYONE spends hundreds of dollars on prom is a lie. While many people do, I know others, including myself, who have spent less than $200 on everything. Prom does not have to be one of those events that your life savings is spent on. Prom should be about the memories and the good times you have.

Have a great prom!

“You are the music while the music lasts.”  ~T.S. Eliot