My Italian Adventure: Day 5

As with every day, we are back at the apartment for siesta. We visited the Basilica Di Santa Croce this morning. The Basilica is a sacred place as well as a burial center for many influential Italians. Those such as Galileo, Michelangelo, and Niccolo Machiavelli are buried and honored there. Three very prominent figures in Italian and world history.

It was a very interesting Basilica. I also thought the way they buried nearly 250 people was fascinating! The tombs are flat against the floor as the people are buried beneath the floor of the Basilica. Each tomb is marked in its entirety by marble and some have inscriptions, coat of arms, or outlines of the bodies that are buried there. The reason the tombs are like this is to symbolize the humility of man. It is supposed to show that everyone’s inevitable outcome and destiny is the same, to be walked on (according to the audio I listened to). Although, tombs of the famous were higher, off the ground, and marked by busts of the deceased and allegories.

In other news, I bought a very beautiful grey, 100% silk scarf! It has a gorgeous fringe hanging upon it and like I stated, is absolutely beautiful! I bought it at an outdoor market outside of the Basilica. Interacting with the merchant was fun. She would unfold the scarf and let it flow in the breeze so you could see the colors. There were hundreds upon hundreds of scarfs. I am a lover of scarves so it was like Heaven!

As I mention everyday, the people are very direct. We have come across a few painters who, if you are sitting, will come near you and open their portfolios. They tend to stand for a moment until you glance over and then they try and convince you why you must not leave without their magnificent painting. At least I think that is what they are saying…they are speaking thick Italian. They will say, “quanto costa?”, meaning, ‘how much does this cost’. Using my context clues I believe they are asking me, ” do you want to know how much this costs?”. Unfortunately, I do not make eye contact, nor do I speak. Which I know is rude, but I have learned that the only way they leave, is if you do that to them… However, I do admire their perseverance! They are out their trying to make a living for themselves instead of begging. I think that is wonderful of them!


Beth :)

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