Everything Must Come to an End

As promised for nearly nine months, I am composing a reminiscence of high school. The past four years have been a concoction of happiness, stressfulness, excitement, and most importantly growing (unfortunately not in the vertical direction). Throughout the past four years I have matured greatly into what I believe is quite a wonderful citizen if I do say so myself! So without further ado, I shall display my look-back at high school.

Freshman Year

As many incoming Freshmen, I did not know what to expect. I only had a Hollywood skewed version of high school. I imagined all of these really attractive, mature looking boys lining the halls. That was a let down! 😉 Apparently, few exist in my area. I was determined to get a boyfriend. I know that seems silly, but every one of my friend’s had experienced a relationship or something near it and I wanted to know what that was like as well. I wish I could go back and tell myself that I would get everything I ever wanted and to not dwell on being boyfriend-less.

Freshman year was also difficult academically. I still managed great grades, but it was the first time I felt a struggle in school of any sort. I took my first honors course being Honors English I. I am not sure how other school districts teach the class, but my teacher started off the year with Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Now, as a 14 year old, this was the last book I wanted to read. It was awful and we had the difficult quiz’s after each reading. however, it did teach me how to comprehend more! Honors English I honestly dictated the rest of my high school career. If I had not taken the class, it is unlikely that I would have challenged myself and taken other honors/AP/ college credit courses.

Freshman Year was a crucial year in my life that the past three years have built upon. It was unlike any other year I have ever had. I believe that I grew and matured the most this year than any other year.

great expectations

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Sophomore Year

Finally! I was no longer a Freshman! That was a very happy moment in my life. No longer was I in the grade who was constantly made fun of. This year was even better than Freshman Year. It seemed as if people who caused drama were calming down and I was more than willing to accept that.

My classes during 10th grade increased in difficulty, as they should. Honors English I had prepared me for Honors English II, but my main focus was the ever exciting Honors Geometry. Before I was a Sophomore, I had loved math, but that all went down hill after taking Honors Geometry. 😛 I loved the majority of my classes. My friend’s and I had a great year and everything was well!

This was my second year playing tennis and I had improved so much. There were about 32 girls on the team when I was a Freshman and based o ranking, I was the 32nd worst person on the team, therefore, the last. Yet, this year I moved up 16 spots! I was only 4 spots away from making the Varsity team which I was determined to be on when I became a Junior.

Junior Year

This was by far the most stressful year in high school. On top of my first AP class (AP U.S. History), I also had to study for the ACT and SAT. My entire future was in the hands of these scores and my grades. Talk about a reassuring feeling! 😛

For the first time, I made the varsity team in tennis. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was ready to finally show my coaches how much I cared…and I did!

Life did, however, get way more exciting. My friends were getting their license’s and now we had places to go, people to see. It was absolutely amazing! I went on some fun adventures all around my city. The reality of my future began to settle in.


Photo credit: workingmother.com

Senior Year

Oh my goodness. I blinked and it was gone…I’m not quite sure how that happened… This year was by far the best! 2 Senior BBQ’s, Senior breakfast, free shirts with my activity pass, my Senior crown, varsity tennis, and getting into college were the highlights for sure!

One would think that this year would have been more stressful than my Junior year. Since I got into the college I wanted to get into back in September, most of my stress was eliminated. My classes, while honors/college credit/ AP, were not bad in the slightest and I received a 4.3 GPA both semesters. Now, at graduation, I am walking with a Cum Laude medal. My goal throughout out school was to reach this level. My other goal was to collar for National Honor Society, which I did too! (Collaring is reaching the minimum amount of points by going to meetings and volunteering.)


On one hand I am sad to be saying bye to high school and all of the wonderful memories and friends I made, but on the other hand, it is time for me to move on in my life. I am very happy to be outside the petty drama that high school is filled with. I am glad to be flipping to the next chapter in my life where judging is limited and many people are ‘over’ the drama. I do not believe I would ever want to relive high school. I will take it for what it was and nothing more: memories and lessons.


Another Week Finished!

^My favorite song. The music video is so funny too! I want to know what is with her band members dressed like animals though…

^Second favorite… The two above videos seem to contradict each other

^ Third Favorite. The ending makes me laugh every time!

I like to play these three very loud. Ha! I always have new favorite songs!

^By far the best movie and song of all time. When this movie came out eons ago, I was Lizzie and my friend was Isabella and played along and sang like we were really them. So funny!

I will say, If I could do that in real life, I totally would!


I found out how to use color on word press:))))))

I am taking a break from writing a paper/essay/short answer response for AP English.

So hmm… nothing much happened this week. I do not have any crazy pictures to add… 😦 My tennis partner and I won all of our matches this week though! 8-6,8-1,8-4,8-4. It was wonderful!

Okay, I am finished…. I will proceed with black font:)

In regards to my classes,

Business Web Design: Fun, yet repetitive. HTML. HTML. HTML. Just for this quarter though, so yay! On the plus side, we learn new things to add to our web pages… like color text, bold, italics, etc. We are learning how to create lists now and next week I think we begin pictures! I cannot wait for that, it will be a lot better!

Western Civilization: Just got to the Egyptians from about 3000 B.C. Interesting group of people. The Old Kingdom believed their Pharaoh was a “God on Earth”. I find that kind of interesting. That and the fact that Egypt was essentially blocked from intrusion for thousands of years because of the geography. The desert towards the East and West, cataracts in the south and the Mediterranean Sea at the northern part. Without the invention of ships to cross a sea so great and having the heat of the desert discourage invaders, it is no wonder the Egyptians lived without wars for years. (This is all we have learned so far…Maybe they did have wars… maybe that lesson comes Tuesday… 😉 )

Physics: Had our first test today and I think I may have done well! We have just been graphing for the past two and half weeks since school began. I hope we start some fun labs and such soon.

Accounting: So easy. Pshhh.

AP English: Best. Class. EVER! We are learning about ethos/ pathos/ and logos. Basically the ways to manipulate people into taking your side. Essentially what speeches are made to do. For those who do not know, ethos is a persuasive strategy to get the reader/listener to believe what you have to say, by showing them you are sincere, reliable and fair-minded.  logos is the use of logic and ability to appeal to the intellect. you use factual data and statistics to prove you know what you are talking about. Lastly, we have pathos which is the use of emotion.  You use vivid language to produce feelings. It is so interesting to see these in the everyday world as well! In class we watched QVC to see how the sellers convince people they need that specific item. “QVC exclusive” “We’re down to 100 of these. You must get it now, they will be gone before you know it”. I started analyzing everything I watched after that. Speeches by  political figures especially. I was convinced that they were the best option. Logos, ethos, and pathos are everywhere if you know where to look.

Pre-Calc.: Still a review of Algebra I, II, and Geometry. Nothing too exciting.

Orchestra: Ahhhh so wonderful. My friend and I are doing the Senior Slide show (have I mentioned that yet? Well we are!) and we just sent out the letter to start bringing in pictures. This project will take the entire year, so it is best to start working right NOW. It will be a blast too!

In unrelated news. I applied to my first college. WHAT! Crazy how a few weeks ago I was not even planning on applying anytime soon. It is good though, I will not have to have it on a constant stress reel in my mind right before they are due. Instead, when everyone else is stressed, I will be relaxed!

A guy I know asked his girlfriend to homecoming in such a cute way today in front of the entire lunch room. He stood up on a table and shouted for everyone to be quiet. Then he jumped down and walked towards his girlfriend and was yelling this entire speech about how they have been dating for about a year now and he loves her very much and he wants to know if she will go to homecoming with him. Of course, she says yes and the lunch room of 700+ people erupts with applause. It was so cute, I will admit I clapped. I am a sucker for cute romance type things. 🙂

It seems as if I always promise myself that I will write shorter posts, but I just keep going! You all do not mind though? 🙂 I hope you all at least enjoy reading them!

Have a nice weekend!



Back to School Update!

Today was my second day back! I got to say, my first day was pretty great! I had a lot of my friends in my classes so that made it even better. The classes themselves were great as well! So far I have learned a lot in only two days!

1) Web design we started on the basic HTML webpage creation. I can now say that I successfully created an HTML page!

2) Western Civ.- such an awesome class. Already learned about the neanderthals and the Paleolithic Era. It is so interesting! Then after the first ice age, the Neolithic revolution took place and gender roles changed. Before, both men and women were equal. After the revolution, men worked in the fields and women stayed in the house or near their house. I believe this is where our idea’s about men and women began.

3) Physics- reviewing how to make graphs and how to relate them to our data and understand the solutions.

4) Accounting- I missed this class today for an assembly.

5) AP English- we talked in a Socratic circle and watched two videos on the right and wrong way to have a Socratic circle discussion.

6) Pre-Calc.- I finished my first homework assignment. Thank goodness it was just review!

7) Orchestra- Pre-test time! Just tested our basic knowledge of music theory.

I feel like I am going to get a lot out of these classes! There are some years where I have felt that the classes were boring and not worth my time, but this year I feel differently!

Hope your first day back is just as good as mine was!