What It Means to be in a Sorority


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be in a sorority. It was never a question. When the Rho Chi’s came around at my school asking if I was interested, I immediately said I was. While they tried to convince other girls who had never even pondered the idea of joining a sorority, I was already hooked. Me being me, I had already researched the heck out of the chapters at my school before I got there. I was set and ready to join years before I even left for college.


So Why Did I Join?

I joined for the friendships I knew I would make.

I joined for the instant support system I would have 24/7. I knew that the girl’s I would one day call my sisters would have my back on everything I did. While they may not have agreed with whatever I had done, I knew that they would be there for me.

I joined for all the volunteering I would do. Volunteering has always been a big part of my life and I wanted to continue it well into my college years.

I joined for the memories.

I joined because I have always loved helping people. I want to help my sisters become better versions of themselves while in turn, helping me.

I joined for the generous alumnae chapters that would welcome me home in a new city.

I joined because I am an only child and one day I know I will need my sisters more than ever.

I joined because I wanted to increase my leadership skills. By joining a sorority, I knew I could gain these experiences.

I joined to have a special group of girls that I could bond with more than anyone else.

I joined to make a difference in our world.

I joined to improve my studies.

I joined for networking.

I joined to leave a legacy.


Sororities tend to have an awful, negative connotation to them. People see all sorority girls as ditsy; girls who like to party, drink, and do other things that would make their founders cringe. However, this is not the case. According to the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), in the 2011-2012 year 639,021 hours of community service was done by sorority women and $2,855,095 was raised for their selected philanthropies. Does this seem like the hard work and dedication of girls who only joined a sorority to be known as a girl who likes to party?  No. Rather, it seems like a group of women who have decided to strive to be better in their lives. While there are sororities that have reputations, that does not and should not define them. There is more to everyone and EVERYTHING than a reputation.

Concurrently, sorority women typically have a higher GPA than non-sorority women do. Why? We have a support system. We have mandatory study hours every week. Sororities help women to make themselves better. Why does this topic never come up when people talk about sororities? Isn’t the entire point of college to study, graduate, and find a great job that is fulfilling?

Facts like average the GPA, money raised for philanthropies, and community service hours should be discussed more than the negative sides of sororities. We should talk about the great women of history who were in sororities and overcame reputations and stereotypes and showed that sisterhood is such an amazing thing to be involved in.

Famous Sorority women who have gone very far in their careers to extinguish the stereotypes:

Condoleezza Rice

Nancy Grace

Kimberly Williams

Lucy Liu

Coretta Scott King

Joan Lunden

Bette Midler

Leigh Anne Tuohy

Elizabeth Dole

Kristin Chenoweth

Laura Bush

Georgia O’Keefe

Erin Andrews

Jennifer Garner

All of these prominent women have brought something amazing to the world in one way or another. They have set great examples in their chapters and did/ are continually doing so in their lives.

Why I Joined

Last year, I was told that joining a sorority was stupid. I was just paying for friends. Those girls are the stupid girls. I would like to repudiate that false and judgmental typecast. Thankfully, I did not let that negativity change my decision. I knew what I wanted to do and my family supported me and agreed with my decision. I knew there was more to sororities than any of those judgments.

To me, rushing was something I was going to do. I never had second thoughts about it. I wanted to be a part of something legendary and leave my legacy.

Joining my sorority was the best decision I have ever made, as I stated above. Even in the short time that I have been involved I have met incredible women who inspire me every day to grow. I have had an amazing time bonding with them in ways I have not been able to with other people. My sisters are people that I could go to for anything and they know they could always come to me.

By joining a sorority you find your sisters. The sisters who will always be there for you. There for you, when you need your mom or dad at school, when you are missing your boyfriend, and when you need a hug. Sorority sisters are not just lifelong friends, they are family as well.

My lasting thought is to break the stereotypes. Not just the ones about sororities, but the ones in your life. Show people that there is more to you and whatever you love. They may just find out they want to try something new.


Moving In

So my parents dropped me off at college on Saturday. What a weird experience! I thought it was going to affect me way more than it did. I guess since I am used to leaving them for weeks at a time it was not really a big deal. Maybe it will hit me later? I am not sure. All I know is that my first two days at college have been FANTASTIC!

Yesterday was the move in process. It only took two trips to get all my stuff upstairs which was so nice! My mom and I spent the next few hours putting my dorm room together. Once my parents left, I began to try and make it look pretty. I had seen an idea on Pinterest that I had wanted to try… WELLLLL that did not go over as well as I had hoped! I had this great idea to hang pictures from my wall with close pins and string and all was well until they fell on me. 😛

So far the entire experience has been fantastic! Yesterday we had a huge Freshman class party and met with our groups that we will be with the remainder of the week. The groups are designed to help us along with getting to know our campus and learning about other college things. Currently I am in a math review class that is just refreshing my brain and preparing me to be ready when classes officially begin!

College is great in the aspect that you can walk down the hall and say ‘hi’ to random people and it is not even weird because everyone is doing the same thing. I have only been here for two full days and I have made so many new friends. I can already tell that socially, I have grown. In high school it is so easy to just ignore everyone you see constantly because most are not interested in making new friends. While I have been here, I have made probably twenty or so new friends. During dinner tonight I was in my dining hall constantly talking to all my new friends. Honestly, it is such an amazing experience.

More to come!


Homecoming Weekend…Part 2

This was the best homecoming I have ever had! I had such a great time at the dance and it was a great way to leave my Homecoming memories.

10:00 am: The Parade

Yesterday, I went to the parade at 10 am to see Emily wave to “the peasants”; Emily was voted Homecoming Queen. It was so exciting to have a good friend receive that honor. It was my first (and last) Homecoming Parade. It was fun to see all the little kids chasing the flying candy that was chucked out of cars and floats. At one point a bunch of candy was thrown towards me and Emily’s cousin was right next to me collecting all the pieces of Tootsie Rolls. I gave him all the pieces next to me. Emily’s brother was filming the parade and filmed me giving the little guy the candy. I will forever be in the video “doing my good deed for the day” as it was recorded in the video. It was a fun experience. The band did great, the Homecoming Court looked awesome, and the clubs and sports showed their spirit!

2:30 pm: Time To Get Ready

One of my really good friends, Brittni came over so we could get ready for the dance together. It was so much fun and entertaining to get ready with someone else and have someone to talk to when I was getting ready. Doing our hair was quite the experience as well! We were both nervous about our hair messing up and spent about an hour doing, fixing, and hair spraying pieces. Honestly, we probably used and eighth of my hairspray between the two of us! Yet, it was so worth it! our hair turned out amazing! When we finally finished getting ready, we took some pictures. This was a great experience for my last homecoming at my school.

5:00 pm: Show Time

My date (aka my boyfriend(Tj) for a year and half) came over to my house with his family so we could take some pictures and so I could pin the boutonniere and he could put on my corsage. Let me say, pinning a boutonniere is…interesting. This would be the third one I’ve pinned and I think I did a very nice job!

After we took some pictures at my house, we went to meet up with a group at a park. The pictures came out so nice and the background was beautiful. (When I get the pictures, I will put them up!) We spent about 45 minutes at the park getting pictures in this, that, and the other angle. I love taking pictures though, so it wasn’t bad and not to mention the weather was perfect!

7:00 pm-…: Dance

The dance itself was really fun! I got to dance with my friends and Tj and it was such a blast. There’s not much to say about the dance itself except we danced… 🙂 Everyone looked so nice and pretty. I wish we all wore those outfits to school everyday. Just keeping it classy!

After the dance, Tj and I went out to eat.We were so hungry too! neither of us had eating in 8 or 9 hours. After dinner we went back to my house and just hung out and talked about the funny things that had happened at the dance. It was such a nice way to end the night.

I really love Homecoming and dances. The entire school comes together to have a great night and we never fail to have a great time.

Any Homecoming stories? I would love to hear!:)

Have a great week!


Another Week Finished!

^My favorite song. The music video is so funny too! I want to know what is with her band members dressed like animals though…

^Second favorite… The two above videos seem to contradict each other

^ Third Favorite. The ending makes me laugh every time!

I like to play these three very loud. Ha! I always have new favorite songs!

^By far the best movie and song of all time. When this movie came out eons ago, I was Lizzie and my friend was Isabella and played along and sang like we were really them. So funny!

I will say, If I could do that in real life, I totally would!


I found out how to use color on word press:))))))

I am taking a break from writing a paper/essay/short answer response for AP English.

So hmm… nothing much happened this week. I do not have any crazy pictures to add… 😦 My tennis partner and I won all of our matches this week though! 8-6,8-1,8-4,8-4. It was wonderful!

Okay, I am finished…. I will proceed with black font:)

In regards to my classes,

Business Web Design: Fun, yet repetitive. HTML. HTML. HTML. Just for this quarter though, so yay! On the plus side, we learn new things to add to our web pages… like color text, bold, italics, etc. We are learning how to create lists now and next week I think we begin pictures! I cannot wait for that, it will be a lot better!

Western Civilization: Just got to the Egyptians from about 3000 B.C. Interesting group of people. The Old Kingdom believed their Pharaoh was a “God on Earth”. I find that kind of interesting. That and the fact that Egypt was essentially blocked from intrusion for thousands of years because of the geography. The desert towards the East and West, cataracts in the south and the Mediterranean Sea at the northern part. Without the invention of ships to cross a sea so great and having the heat of the desert discourage invaders, it is no wonder the Egyptians lived without wars for years. (This is all we have learned so far…Maybe they did have wars… maybe that lesson comes Tuesday… 😉 )

Physics: Had our first test today and I think I may have done well! We have just been graphing for the past two and half weeks since school began. I hope we start some fun labs and such soon.

Accounting: So easy. Pshhh.

AP English: Best. Class. EVER! We are learning about ethos/ pathos/ and logos. Basically the ways to manipulate people into taking your side. Essentially what speeches are made to do. For those who do not know, ethos is a persuasive strategy to get the reader/listener to believe what you have to say, by showing them you are sincere, reliable and fair-minded.  logos is the use of logic and ability to appeal to the intellect. you use factual data and statistics to prove you know what you are talking about. Lastly, we have pathos which is the use of emotion.  You use vivid language to produce feelings. It is so interesting to see these in the everyday world as well! In class we watched QVC to see how the sellers convince people they need that specific item. “QVC exclusive” “We’re down to 100 of these. You must get it now, they will be gone before you know it”. I started analyzing everything I watched after that. Speeches by  political figures especially. I was convinced that they were the best option. Logos, ethos, and pathos are everywhere if you know where to look.

Pre-Calc.: Still a review of Algebra I, II, and Geometry. Nothing too exciting.

Orchestra: Ahhhh so wonderful. My friend and I are doing the Senior Slide show (have I mentioned that yet? Well we are!) and we just sent out the letter to start bringing in pictures. This project will take the entire year, so it is best to start working right NOW. It will be a blast too!

In unrelated news. I applied to my first college. WHAT! Crazy how a few weeks ago I was not even planning on applying anytime soon. It is good though, I will not have to have it on a constant stress reel in my mind right before they are due. Instead, when everyone else is stressed, I will be relaxed!

A guy I know asked his girlfriend to homecoming in such a cute way today in front of the entire lunch room. He stood up on a table and shouted for everyone to be quiet. Then he jumped down and walked towards his girlfriend and was yelling this entire speech about how they have been dating for about a year now and he loves her very much and he wants to know if she will go to homecoming with him. Of course, she says yes and the lunch room of 700+ people erupts with applause. It was so cute, I will admit I clapped. I am a sucker for cute romance type things. 🙂

It seems as if I always promise myself that I will write shorter posts, but I just keep going! You all do not mind though? 🙂 I hope you all at least enjoy reading them!

Have a nice weekend!



My New Favorite Store:)

I have a new favorite store. In fact, I would buy out the entire store if I could! I am going to post some pictures of my favorite pieces (so far;))

Francesca’s Collection’s have a mixture of colors and patterns that I am in love with right now! If you can, I would recommend checking them out.

I really do like these jeans! I normally do not go for color pants/shorts, but I recently have found a liking for them!:)

My floral scarves and I:) I should go buy one…you would think I would have bought one by now, but alas, I have not!

This is such a pretty color and I love the texture! If I buy white jeans, I may just have to go buy this sweater too!

This just looks very comfy.:D

I really love these types of dresses! I do not know if they have a specific type of name, but nevertheless, I want this too!

I love the lacy skirt style sooo much! When I was at Francesca’s today I saw this fitted grass/spring green skirt that looked similar to this and, oh my goodness, the most beautiful skirt I have ever seen!

I LOVE cardigans and dots. Not to mention my great love for green and blue. This seems like my match made in heaven!

This store may just be the new spot for me to go. However somewhat pricey these items are, I may just save and splurge sometime!

Well, goodnight everyone! I must get my beauty sleep you know! 😉


One Week Down!

Yay! The first full week of school is over and remarkably fast at that! This week was dedicated to Senior’s.

Monday was “Disney day”, so I wore my Minnie Mouse earrings

Tuesday “Was When I Grow Up Day” so I was a yoga instructor ( I really do not want to be that).

Wednesday was “Decades Day” So I went all 80’s… well, sort of!

Thursday was “Superhero Day”. As my friend said she “was already awesome enough”

Friday was “Spirit Day”. We all also got our Senior crowns (aka, Burger King Crowns spray painted silver with “Senior 2013” written on it. I have to say, I am quite excited about this crown! I have been wanting it since I was a Freshman!

Yesterday, I also had my first tennis match of the year. Oh my goodness! It was AMAZING! We played a great, competitive team that was actually fun to play! We won though, 8-6. We probably played an hour match. Not too bad! All four of us had great shots though. I made some pretty impressive shots if I do not say so myself!;) My game seems to change from practice to an actual match. I GET BETTER!:)))) Oh my gosh, though, I am still pumped from my match yesterday! I did a low, to the ground, back hand where the other team missed it. Definitely one of my better moments.

So I already have two tests/quizzes this week!:P I guess that is not as bad as the Human Anatomy and Physiology class that had a test yesterday where they had to memorize all the technical names of most of the body systems in a week (at least that is how I understood it). I am very happy I do not want to be a doctor. I would hate learning all those names. Yet, if it was something I was passionate about, maybe I would like it? Who knows!

So I really like most of my classes so far! Physics and Pre-Calc. are classes I am still debating on whether I like them or not!

My business web design class is so fun! We are learning HTML codes and it is pretty easy. However we ARE in the beginning stages of it, so maybe it will gradually get harder.

Western Civ. is pretty interesting also. It is one of the most exciting history classes I have ever taken. Maybe it is the teacher who makes it fun?

Physics… Hmmm…I will get back to you on that!:P

accounting is kind of fun! Believe it or not, it is easy too! I really liked doing taxes in Personal Finance class last year. Without that class I would not even know how much I (weirdly) enjoyed doing the 1040 tax form (that is not too hard though with all the simple information).

AP English. Wow. So much easier than my AP US History class from last year. I honestly switched into AP English the last day that I could change my schedule last year and I thought I would regret taking this class, but so far, it had turned into one of my favorite classes!
Pre- Calc…. again, I will get back to you.

Orchestra:))) I am at  home in this class. It is such a joy in my day to play music. Granted, maybe if we did not have to do scales, it would be just a TAD bit better, but even those do not get me down!  It also makes me happy that we are playing Halloween and Christmas music in the same day picking which pieces we like for our Halloween and Winter concerts.

Overall I would give my classes a 8.5/10 rating. The 1.5 deduction is due to my uncertainty of Physics and Pre-Calc. class.

I will keep everyone up to date-ish.

Please keep in mind, I do have homework so I am guessing I will not be on here more than once or twice a week. I will try though!:)

Thanks for reading!

Blog to you later:)


The Last Night

Well, tonight is my last night as my summer comes to end. Tomorrow is my last day of summer vacation and I will spending the majority of the day at school as it is! In the morning I’ll be helping freshman “transition” into high school, the afternoon I go back up to school for tennis practice. tomorrow I will be up at school for seven hours. I am not sure how I feel about this considering it IS my last day of summer!:P

To be completely honest I am nervous for this school year. I feel like a lot has changed in my life in the past few months. People have changed in my life and things have changed. How I predicted this year was going to go is already completely the opposite of how I thought it would. Do not get me wrong, I know I will have a fun year, I just do not know how It will go.

Tennis is going well! I found out my rank as of now I am 10 on the team one being the top and 47 being the bottom. So this means I am on Varsity unless some weird thing changes with the ranks which I do not foresee. Can you believe 47 girls are on the team?! This is our largest team since I have been in high school. Within our large team we have five teams. Varsity Gold, Varsity Silver, JV Black, and JV Purple. There is another team, but I forgot the name! 😛

This post does not really have a point except to say what I am thinking about right now. So what am I doing on my last night of summer break? I am watching Up in the Air with George Clooney and blogging . Up in the Air is really good! I recommend it!

Goodness, I am so tired. This is probably the best time to end this post. I need to go to sleep! 😀

Are you all ready for school?