A Letter to Me

When I was thirteen years old, in the seventh grade I wrote a letter to myself for a school project. After going through paperwork yesterday, I found this lovely letter and decided to post it here! Enjoy!


Dear future me,

          I’m 13 years old and I love to shop a lot. My favorite stores are American Eagle and Hollister. I love to play soccer and I love to run in gym. My favorite food at the moment would be pretzels. My favorite subject of all time is Social Studies because I love learning about the past. I also love doing science experiments in science class. My favorite band is the Jonas Brothers because they’re very talented singers.

          The only fear I have of 8th grade is that when it ends, I am in high school. I guess that can be good and bad though. Good because high school seems fun and exciting! Bad because it also freaks me out. My thoughts of eighth grade is that it will be so much fun because we’re older than everybody and we’ll get more freedom. I’m excited for the eighth grade because there are so many opportunities for us!

          One of my goals this year is to get straight A’s in all my classes by  turning all my homework in and completing it. Another is to be the best person I can be by being kind and respectful to everybody even if I don’t like the person. A personal goal I have is to make a bunch of new friends this year so when I’m in high school I’ll know the majority of the people in my grade. Another personal goal I have is to learn a different language, so if I ever get a chance to go to another country, I’ll know what they’re saying. Nice talking to you!




What a lovely letter! 🙂 I believe it is obvious that there were requirements in this letter (favorites, fears/anticipations of eighth grade, and goals). I decided after reading this letter, that I wanted to write a letter to myself to read after I graduate from college.


Dear College Graduate,

          You better be graduated from college! You worked your butt off to get through high school and I expect nothing less from you in college. I hope you got everything out of college you wanted (the sorority, life long friends, and the internships). Hopefully you graduate with grades you are more than satisfied with. In addition, I wish that you find a job that you love. I do not want you/me to be unhappy with your future.

          Now, while you are only four years older than the current you, I hope you also matured. I hope that you have fun in addition to all of the work. Never forget what dad says, “You work  in order to have an enjoyable life; do not make work your life”. Enjoy all aspects of life. Smell those roses! Have some fun!

          In my letter to myself I wrote what I enjoyed, fears/anticipations, and goals for myself… I already stated the goals that I hope you reached. Let me continue with what I enjoy currently. My favorite store is Forever 21; you can find anything there!. I love looking at the stars, blogging (I mean obviously!), reading books, and listening to country music. I do not really have a favorite school subject anymore. I like different classes within the subjects. I am also not sure I could name a favorite band/ musician. I have too many that I love as it is and I am not sure how I could narrow it down!

          Right now, I know where I am going to school next year and I know what my major is, but past that, I am clueless as to how the next four years will turn out. The last thirteen years have been easily predictable, but college will be more lenient and I am not sure what path that will take me down. All I hope is that, as I stated above, you do what you love. Also, one more thing, respect yourself. You have gone so far without giving into peer pressure. Who cares what other people think about you? You are you and that is the best thing in the world. Keep on respecting others, being kind, and being super amazing-ly awesome (because you are!).

          I hope everything goes as planned or at least does not stray too far off the path you want.


                              Your 18-year-old self 🙂


Hopefully all turns out well with the next four years!

Have a great day!





What I Hear in the Halls: Part 1

As many would know, the hallways at school are the prime place to hear some…interesting tidbits. For the next week I’m going to blog what I hear in the hallway. May you be entertained and laugh. Please….laugh…the hallways are ridiculous.

1) two guys first group: “the alcohol was so nasty and cheap tasting. I don’t like cheap alcohol. I only like the expensive kind.”
“Dude. I’m right there with you!”

2) two guys second group: “Man, I don’t even know what happened. I was so drunk all I know is everyone sat down and we had this deep conversation. The next day she had all these random texts from me about the conversation which was weird because she was right next to me at this party”

Oh my goodness….WHATTTTT?! Do you not realize there are teacher’s every ten steps?! Are you honestly that stupid to talk about that in front of them?!!! I truly do not understand.

3) “Yeah when my parents were gone I had the house to myself and I decided to have this huge party. Unfortunatly, the cops got called and I was grounded for months.”
“How old were you? Was that, like, freshman year?”
“No, it was in middle school”

Again, WHAT???? Surely these people are just playing to their audience and have not actually done some of this stuff….

Or am I just kidding myself??

Come back for more tales tomorrow!
Until then,

P.s. share some of your tidbits!

Because Sometimes We Need To Laugh

“Laughter is the best medicine”

Sometime we just need to laugh. Maybe we have had a tragic accident happen or we are just having “one of those days”. Whenever I need a laugh I go to Pinterest and then to the humor section. That usually cures me of whatever emotions are going through me. Because I think everyone should have a good laugh, here are some funny things to take you through this weekend:

6th gradetreble stop sleep shampoo pbj math class johnny hollister dance party cos b coffee class christian pick up lines bbt

Hopefully this made you all smile just a little bit!:)

Laugh a little!