My New Favorite Store:)

I have a new favorite store. In fact, I would buy out the entire store if I could! I am going to post some pictures of my favorite pieces (so far;))

Francesca’s Collection’s have a mixture of colors and patterns that I am in love with right now! If you can, I would recommend checking them out.

I really do like these jeans! I normally do not go for color pants/shorts, but I recently have found a liking for them!:)

My floral scarves and I:) I should go buy one…you would think I would have bought one by now, but alas, I have not!

This is such a pretty color and I love the texture! If I buy white jeans, I may just have to go buy this sweater too!

This just looks very comfy.:D

I really love these types of dresses! I do not know if they have a specific type of name, but nevertheless, I want this too!

I love the lacy skirt style sooo much! When I was at Francesca’s today I saw this fitted grass/spring green skirt that looked similar to this and, oh my goodness, the most beautiful skirt I have ever seen!

I LOVE cardigans and dots. Not to mention my great love for green and blue. This seems like my match made in heaven!

This store may just be the new spot for me to go. However somewhat pricey these items are, I may just save and splurge sometime!

Well, goodnight everyone! I must get my beauty sleep you know! 😉


One Week Down!

Yay! The first full week of school is over and remarkably fast at that! This week was dedicated to Senior’s.

Monday was “Disney day”, so I wore my Minnie Mouse earrings

Tuesday “Was When I Grow Up Day” so I was a yoga instructor ( I really do not want to be that).

Wednesday was “Decades Day” So I went all 80’s… well, sort of!

Thursday was “Superhero Day”. As my friend said she “was already awesome enough”

Friday was “Spirit Day”. We all also got our Senior crowns (aka, Burger King Crowns spray painted silver with “Senior 2013” written on it. I have to say, I am quite excited about this crown! I have been wanting it since I was a Freshman!

Yesterday, I also had my first tennis match of the year. Oh my goodness! It was AMAZING! We played a great, competitive team that was actually fun to play! We won though, 8-6. We probably played an hour match. Not too bad! All four of us had great shots though. I made some pretty impressive shots if I do not say so myself!;) My game seems to change from practice to an actual match. I GET BETTER!:)))) Oh my gosh, though, I am still pumped from my match yesterday! I did a low, to the ground, back hand where the other team missed it. Definitely one of my better moments.

So I already have two tests/quizzes this week!:P I guess that is not as bad as the Human Anatomy and Physiology class that had a test yesterday where they had to memorize all the technical names of most of the body systems in a week (at least that is how I understood it). I am very happy I do not want to be a doctor. I would hate learning all those names. Yet, if it was something I was passionate about, maybe I would like it? Who knows!

So I really like most of my classes so far! Physics and Pre-Calc. are classes I am still debating on whether I like them or not!

My business web design class is so fun! We are learning HTML codes and it is pretty easy. However we ARE in the beginning stages of it, so maybe it will gradually get harder.

Western Civ. is pretty interesting also. It is one of the most exciting history classes I have ever taken. Maybe it is the teacher who makes it fun?

Physics… Hmmm…I will get back to you on that!:P

accounting is kind of fun! Believe it or not, it is easy too! I really liked doing taxes in Personal Finance class last year. Without that class I would not even know how much I (weirdly) enjoyed doing the 1040 tax form (that is not too hard though with all the simple information).

AP English. Wow. So much easier than my AP US History class from last year. I honestly switched into AP English the last day that I could change my schedule last year and I thought I would regret taking this class, but so far, it had turned into one of my favorite classes!
Pre- Calc…. again, I will get back to you.

Orchestra:))) I am at  home in this class. It is such a joy in my day to play music. Granted, maybe if we did not have to do scales, it would be just a TAD bit better, but even those do not get me down!  It also makes me happy that we are playing Halloween and Christmas music in the same day picking which pieces we like for our Halloween and Winter concerts.

Overall I would give my classes a 8.5/10 rating. The 1.5 deduction is due to my uncertainty of Physics and Pre-Calc. class.

I will keep everyone up to date-ish.

Please keep in mind, I do have homework so I am guessing I will not be on here more than once or twice a week. I will try though!:)

Thanks for reading!

Blog to you later:)


The Last Night

Well, tonight is my last night as my summer comes to end. Tomorrow is my last day of summer vacation and I will spending the majority of the day at school as it is! In the morning I’ll be helping freshman “transition” into high school, the afternoon I go back up to school for tennis practice. tomorrow I will be up at school for seven hours. I am not sure how I feel about this considering it IS my last day of summer!:P

To be completely honest I am nervous for this school year. I feel like a lot has changed in my life in the past few months. People have changed in my life and things have changed. How I predicted this year was going to go is already completely the opposite of how I thought it would. Do not get me wrong, I know I will have a fun year, I just do not know how It will go.

Tennis is going well! I found out my rank as of now I am 10 on the team one being the top and 47 being the bottom. So this means I am on Varsity unless some weird thing changes with the ranks which I do not foresee. Can you believe 47 girls are on the team?! This is our largest team since I have been in high school. Within our large team we have five teams. Varsity Gold, Varsity Silver, JV Black, and JV Purple. There is another team, but I forgot the name! 😛

This post does not really have a point except to say what I am thinking about right now. So what am I doing on my last night of summer break? I am watching Up in the Air with George Clooney and blogging . Up in the Air is really good! I recommend it!

Goodness, I am so tired. This is probably the best time to end this post. I need to go to sleep! 😀

Are you all ready for school?


Back to School Favorites

We all have our favorite things to buy when school starts. New shoes, clothes, and school supply’s come into mind. I have a list of my favorite things for back to school. Without further ado:

1) Shorts: I bought these from Delias for $10!

2) Floral top:

Fun fact: The two items above are my first day of school outfit!:)

3) Bright Tennis shoes:    < Also bought these:)

4) Floral scarf:

5) Jeans (these are my favorite from American Eagle: Artist Jeans):

6) Highlighters (After AP US History, I will always keep highlighters with me!):

7) Sperry Topsiders ( My favorite shoes!):

8) Brown leather boots:

9) Notebooks (Make sure you check to see if they are college or wide ruled. I hate wide ruled. Don’t make my mistake…I bought wide ruled for school!!!)

10) Cute Sandals:

^So those were my top ten back to school items.

Have you gotten what you need?


The London Olympics Come to a Close

I am watching the closing ceremony for the Olympics as I write this. So far, as with the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony is just as stunning . I love the way London has done the Olympics in general. I really do not have much to base these Olympics on seeing as I Do not remember past Olympics or I did not see the reason to care. Yet, as I have watched these wonderful games, I have so much more respect for the athletes who are here. Even more so than I did at the beginning of the games.


Now Madness is singing “Our House”. I have heard this song before, but I did not realize they sang it! The saxophonist flying is interesting…made me laugh!

I really love how all these people have volunteered to perform for the ceremonies. They have done such a fantastic job!

I really have to say, London has quite the eclectic culture. ONE DIRECTION IS ON! (I know many of my friend’s, if they’re watching this…you know who you are… are very excited right now!)

The only part of the ceremony I really have not liked is when the two London actors (I forgot their names) were dressed up like Batman and Robin came out of a car that had “blown up”. I felt like that was not respectful towards people who have died in the multiple car bombing seen in London in the past few years. Maybe I just read more into it or did not understand what it really was. Still, I was not fond of that.

Sorry for the random, choppy way of this post, I am trying to write about everything as it happens!:)

STOMP is on. I have always liked STOMP. I have been watching them since I was in elementary school and our music teacher had us watch their videos.

Commercial break….

We’re back!

The athletes are walking out now. It looks like all of them are having the time of their lives. As the announcer just said, “the world is one for the night”. Isn’t it sad that the Olympics have to show the world that we can all get along  in a healthy competition. Why not, instead of war, we have athletic competitions instead? I am joking obviously, with all the leaders out there with their varying beliefs, it would be impossible! It is a funny idea, however.

Commercial break…sigh… I really am happy to be an American, just as those from other countries should feel proud to be who they are. I feel pride in my country and joy in our athletes.

Annnnd we’re back.

I love how the athletes are walking out together to show “unity”. What a wonderful way to end. It is unbelievable that all of these athletes participated in these Olympics. 10,800 Olympians to be exact did their best to bring home medals for their countries. Personally, I believe that if you even MADE it to the Olympics you have something to be proud of. So congratulations to all the athletes, you did your best and did what you could. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments.
Even if you are not an Olympian, read the previous sentence again. Remember it because it is true.

Well this post will be finished because my satellite has decided to turn off and it is telling me to “stand by”. Oh well! 😛 I think I get the idea of the closing ceremony anyway!:)

Have a great week everyone and if you are like me, good luck at your first (or second or even THIRD) week of school or if you are the lucky ones who are still on break..I wish I was you more than you could ever imagine!:)


It’s Officially Official

It’s official. I am now a Senior. I have waited what seems like AGES! I remember when I was a Freshman and I would think ”When I am a Senior I’ll…”. Now I am one! I registered for school today and got my Senior key chain, my Senior shirt, and my senior bumper sticker. It makes me smile that I can finally be a part of this. It only took 12 years of schooling to get to the fun year! My reward for holding on through rough years and bad teachers. I do believe that this may be the best reward, at least as a high school student.:)

I also received my schedule which I will copy below:)

1 Semester:

1)Business Web Design/ Multimedia

2)Western civilization*



5)AP Language and Composition*




2 Semester

1) Advanced Media Technology

2)Western Civilization*



5)AP Language and Composition*




As you can see everything except for first hour is this same! That is fine with me! Also, each class that has a “*” next to it is an honors/AP class. Yes, Orchestra is an honors class.:) The only difference is I HAVE to try out for other orchestras around my area and do a paper. It is a pretty easily obtained honors grade. Unless, of course, it changed this year which is always possible! I am so happy with my teachers as well. I have had or they have been a coach all of my teachers except for two. I pretty much lucked out there! I am now officially on the countdown for school. As of tomorrow, I have exactly 2 weeks of summer ( D: ) left. So that within itself is disappointing, but on the other hand, I will depart on my journey for college! In the next 6-7 months I will know where I am going to spend the next four years of my life. (I feel like that sounded dramatic…good!:))


Well, I hope everyone else is soon to be satisfied with their classes and teachers!

Have a great week!


Break Time: Random and Overachieving:D

The Overachievers

On a completely unrelated topic, the olympics start tonight! I am very excited! I love the olympics! the patriotism that seems to come with it, not just from th United States, but as well as all countries is amazing and something as a world, we should be proud of. Just when it seems as if no country can get along, we send our best athletes to compete. if only countries would use the olympics as a way of settling their differences. ‘Oh I am sorry, [fill in country] we won, you lost guess English: Shawn Johnson competing at the 2008 S...we win, for now. The olympics may just be that much more interesting if that was the case, but alas, it is not.

Like I said, I love the olympics! My favorite sports to watch are tennis and gymnastics. If I could run and flip like a gymnast, trust me I would have tried my hardest for the olympics. A project I had to complete for an award required I do a research project on an olympic athlete. I chose Shawn Johnson. I did not realize how many competitions she had won in order to get to the 2008 Beijing olympics. I guess it makes sense. You cannot get to the olympics without a lot of accolades in your specific sport. My respect for all these Olympians skyrocketed even higher than it was before now. After all the work they have put into their sport, they deserve to be where they are. Even if they do not win any medals, the fact that they still made it to the olympics is something to be proud of. So good luck to the 2012 Olympians and future Olympians, you deserve it all!:)


Again, on a really random topic, I got my license yesterday! Woohooo! I passed with flying colors.:)

Random topic #3: I am getting two awards for scouting! working on my third!

Alrighty everyone…it seems as if I have run out of random thoughts and rants.

I hope you all have a spectacular olympic and overachieving weekend.:)

Beth:D ( the girl who can now driveeee;D )



The Best Thing You’ll Ever Eat

My mom and I experimented and made what we call “tomato and zucchini bake”.

We took tomatoes and zucchini mixed them up with kosher salt, olive oil, and garlic.

Then put them in the oven at 350 for ten minutes.

After that, took them out and put Italian cheese over it

Back into the oven for 5  minutes

Then Voila! A magnificent fast meal:) or side what ever you prefer!


What I’m Reading

Actually I have not started yet, but I will! It is summer reading for school so I am kind of putting it off, but I think I will start today.

Any reviews from those of you who have read it?


Perfect Dresses for Summer

Just thought I would tell you all what I am really loving this summer.:)

I would pair this with a red belt for that extra kick.

This is a color that looks great on anyone!

This would be adorable with white heels!

This is a great color and works if you want to try something new and exciting!

Just adorable!

I think high necklines look great on anyone. The lace and sheerness make these dresses look ultra feminine. I will definitely be trying some of these dresses out.

I can honestly say, I love all of these dresses! Which one is your favorite? What would your main accessory be? I would LOVE to know! 🙂