My New Favorite Store:)

I have a new favorite store. In fact, I would buy out the entire store if I could! I am going to post some pictures of my favorite pieces (so far;))

Francesca’s Collection’s have a mixture of colors and patterns that I am in love with right now! If you can, I would recommend checking them out.

I really do like these jeans! I normally do not go for color pants/shorts, but I recently have found a liking for them!:)

My floral scarves and I:) I should go buy one…you would think I would have bought one by now, but alas, I have not!

This is such a pretty color and I love the texture! If I buy white jeans, I may just have to go buy this sweater too!

This just looks very comfy.:D

I really love these types of dresses! I do not know if they have a specific type of name, but nevertheless, I want this too!

I love the lacy skirt style sooo much! When I was at Francesca’s today I saw this fitted grass/spring green skirt that looked similar to this and, oh my goodness, the most beautiful skirt I have ever seen!

I LOVE cardigans and dots. Not to mention my great love for green and blue. This seems like my match made in heaven!

This store may just be the new spot for me to go. However somewhat pricey these items are, I may just save and splurge sometime!

Well, goodnight everyone! I must get my beauty sleep you know! 😉


Back to School Favorites

We all have our favorite things to buy when school starts. New shoes, clothes, and school supply’s come into mind. I have a list of my favorite things for back to school. Without further ado:

1) Shorts: I bought these from Delias for $10!

2) Floral top:

Fun fact: The two items above are my first day of school outfit!:)

3) Bright Tennis shoes:    < Also bought these:)

4) Floral scarf:

5) Jeans (these are my favorite from American Eagle: Artist Jeans):

6) Highlighters (After AP US History, I will always keep highlighters with me!):

7) Sperry Topsiders ( My favorite shoes!):

8) Brown leather boots:

9) Notebooks (Make sure you check to see if they are college or wide ruled. I hate wide ruled. Don’t make my mistake…I bought wide ruled for school!!!)

10) Cute Sandals:

^So those were my top ten back to school items.

Have you gotten what you need?


It’s the Greatest Time of Year (Partially)

Well, the season begins! My last season  high school tennis starts tomorrow! I do not know really what to make of it. Just like Senior Year, I knew it would eventually be here, but it never seemed like it would get here. School starts on the 15th. That within itself seems impossible. We had the longest summer break our school district has had in years and yet, it went faster than any vacation. I could easily go another three months without school!:P However, the sooner this year starts, the quicker it is over and the faster I can get to college!

I cannot wait for tomorrow. I have been getting ready for the season all summer. In addition to tennis, I have a BUSY day!


11(ish)-2:30(ish)…Back to school shopping!:D

3-7…Working registration for school

7:30-8:30…Scout meeting (where  I finally get my papers signed off to get my awards!)



Tomorrow shall be quite interesting!


In a completely unrelated topic, I drove for the first time by myself yesterday! It was so weird not having my mom or dad in the car with me. I was a little bit nervous I will admit, but I felt pretty confident! Obviously nothing bad happened because I still have access to my electronics and can do fun stuff!;)
I also volunteered through my church today. We stuffed backpacks with school supplies for kids in our community and our area that may not have the money to buy their own supplies. I like to color coordinate my things, so every backpack I put together had matching items (ex. A pencil pouch is red so the folders were red and orange. Or, in one case, I had a pink backpack and everything was, for the most part, pink.) It was a nice experience. I love helping out families like this. Every year for Christmas my grandma and I put together shoe boxes with items a certain age (girl or boy) may need. Such as soap, tooth brushes, etc. We always make sure to include some gloves and a scarf seeing as it IS winter. We put pens and paper in there too. It makes me happier than anything to help these families. I honestly just like to volunteer. It really does not matter what I am doing.

Sorry for my tennis turned back to school turned volunteerism post!

This was way longer than I meant it to be seeing as this is just a break from summer math work.:P

Have a wonderful week whoever you are. Do something nice for someone this week.:)


Perfect Dresses for Summer

Just thought I would tell you all what I am really loving this summer.:)

I would pair this with a red belt for that extra kick.

This is a color that looks great on anyone!

This would be adorable with white heels!

This is a great color and works if you want to try something new and exciting!

Just adorable!

I think high necklines look great on anyone. The lace and sheerness make these dresses look ultra feminine. I will definitely be trying some of these dresses out.

I can honestly say, I love all of these dresses! Which one is your favorite? What would your main accessory be? I would LOVE to know! 🙂